CTE works to satisfy the Chinese market

By Maria Hadlow19 June 2009

The Handler/CTE cooperation will create a truck mount suited to the Chinese market.

The Handler/CTE cooperation will create a truck mount suited to the Chinese market.

In cooperation with its Chinese partner CTE expects to shortly launch a 29 m truck mounted boom designed specifically to suit the Chinese market.

CTE's Technical Office has been exchanging information with its Chinese partner, Handler, in order to establish the best way to mount CTE platforms on local vehicles. The plan is to find better solutions in accordance with CTE technology and Chinese regulations so that products match the market's needs. Imports from companies which do not possess certain characteristics are forbidden by Chinese regulations.

The "import licence" is only given to those companies with certain technical and production qualities. CTE says, "Soon we will be launching the new articulated/telescopic platform with jib of 29 m working height mounted on a 10 t truck: a complete innovation in the [Chinese] market." The new machine will have a CTE telescoping and articulating boom, with jib, mounted on a locally-produced carrier.

CTE's Chinese Partner, Handler, recently celebrated its entry into the stock market. CTE, the Italian manufacturer of truck and track mounted aerial platforms, has had a relationship with Xuzhou based Handler since 2005. In 2008 the company sold about 100 CTE machines spread among the company's Zed, Traccess and Bizzocchi brands.

CTE's next goal is to identify and appoint of CTE dealers in new markets such as Australia, India and South America.

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