Cummins adds 100 kVA rental genset to European range

By Murray Pollok19 December 2013

Cummins' 100 kVA genset for the European rental market.

Cummins' 100 kVA genset for the European rental market.

Cummins Power Generation has further extended its new range of gensets targeted at the European rental market with the launch of a 100 kVA unit. This follows the introduction earlier this year of four sets in the 150-300 kVA range.

The 100 kVA is the first of a range of smaller sets that are being built for Cummins by a sub-supplier in Europe, with 20, 40 and 60 kVA sets the next to be launched. The sub-contractor has not been named.

Scott Strudwick, business director, global rental at Cummins Power Generation, described the 100 kVA unit as a “major step forward…You can’t just have one or two products, you need the whole range…we are working diligently to fill out that range.”

Cummins hopes eventually to have a “seamless” line of rental sets in the 20 kVA to 1.5 MW range.

The 100 kVA unit was introduced to European distributors and customers at a series of meetings at Cummins’ manufacturing facility near Ramsgate in the UK in early December.

Features of the 100 kVA Stage IIIa unit include “robust construction and heavy-duty components”, two fuel tank sizes (200 l and 400 l), noise levels of 66.7 dB(A) at 7 m, three control options available (Cummins PowerCommand Control, DeepSea 7310, and ComAp MRS16) and the use of a maintenance-free Optima AGM battery.

During the showcase events, Cummins demonstrated the genset’s capacity to accept a 100% load in a single step. “It’s a pretty nasty thing to do to a generator”, said Mr Strudwick, “but it will do it if it is required.”

More details on the new set and Cummins’ strategy for the rental market will appear in the January issue of IRN.

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