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24 April 2008

Lars Josefsson President Sandvik Mining and Construction

Lars Josefsson President Sandvik Mining and Construction

Sandvik Mining and Construction has historically been organised around its products and brands, and this approach has been a successful one. Being product-focused has enabled us to develop the innovative machines, consumables and services that help our customers do their jobs ever more productively and safely.

But more recently we have come to realise that a different structure would serve our customers even better. By aligning ourselves around four clearly defined segments -

• underground hard rock mining

• underground soft rock mining

• surface mining

• construction

- we can understand each segments' unique needs more clearly, and be better and more proactive partners to our customers.

Completing this reorganisation has seen some major internal changes. We have, for example, realigned functions like R&D under these four key segments, rather than under each brand or production site. But I think some of the most important changes will now become apparent at the &sharp end' of our business. Instead of getting calls and visits from several Sandvik people, our customers will have one point of contact under our new regional sales structure. That will make a big difference straight away - just one number to call for invoicing, support and servicing on all Sandvik equipment.

More importantly though, this new approach will improve the quality of the contact we have with our customers. That one contact point will be able to present the full range of Sandvik Mining and Construction products and services. Our people out in the field will be able to call on the huge wealth of knowledge we have in the organisation, and present customers with more comprehensive solutions to their problems.

This is a crucial point. Construction and mining companies are under incredible pressure to be more productive, to perform better and to do things in a safer and environmentally sensitive manner, and today I don't think it's possible to make serious progress just by buying a new machine or a better consumable. The giant leaps will come when the much bigger systems and processes are improved, and that is precisely what Sandvik Mining and Construction is about.

In the areas where we are active we have an unbeatable range of products and services. What is perhaps less apparent is the huge bank of knowledge and experience we have within the organisation on mining and construction systems, processes and techniques.

This has been the case for a long time, but now we have put the final piece of the puzzle in place. Our new structure presents Sandvik Mining and Construction's products, knowledge and services to our customers in the clearest, simplest and most relevant way possible. Doing business with us is now easier and will provide even bigger benefits to our customers.

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