Dakar Rally for Mammoet

By Laura Hatton02 February 2015

Challenges for the two drivers included tough driving conditions

Challenges for the two drivers included tough driving conditions

Two Renault trucks, sponsored by heavy lift and transport specialist Mammoet, have completed the challenging Dakar Rally, having crossed the finish line in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It was the sixth year that Mammoet sponsored two trucks in the 9,000 km race. The two trucks were driven by Martin van den Brink and Pascal de Baar, who managed to secure the 17th and 31st position, respectively, a spokesperson said.

The Dakar Rally took place at the end of January. Challenges for the two drivers included a collision, technical difficulties and challenging driving conditions. The drivers were supported by a team of mechanics to help repair and maintain the two trucks.

Herman Smit, Mammoet COO, said, “We have many things in common with the Dakar Rally Team. The resourcefulness of the entire team, being able to handle heavy equipment under extreme circumstances while working safely and sustainably, are values that we share. We learn from each other. For example, Mammoet‘s insights and expertise regarding safety inspired the Dakar team to adopt a Mammoet safety measure by installing special straps on the hatch of the service trucks to prevent falling. The automatic gearbox also contributes to the drivers’ safety, because it allows them to keep two hands at the wheel at all times. It was our goal to get our trucks safely to the finish and, based on this year’s incredible performance, the Mammoet Rally Team and its trucks are clearly on a winning streak!”

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