Dampening dust

By Lindsay Gale19 March 2008

Russo Recycling operates a waste transfer station in Queens, New York, where it processes solid waste along with C&D waste.

The company's two-acre site handles around 250 tons of waste on an annual basis. To keep dust down, Russo has in the past tried a sprinkler system and also a worker spraying the waste piles with a fire hose. However, the sprinkler system proved ineffective and inflexible and expensive, while the fire hose solution proved expensive, since it required dedicated personnel.

Russo has now switched to using a DustBoss unit, with a noticeable improvement in air quality on the site. The DustBoss sprays a fine mist over material coming off the conveyor belt that seals in the dust and dropping it to the ground, without over saturating the material, with a significant decrease in water usage over the previous methods. In addition, material shipped to landfill weighs less, leading to fuel savings and less wear and tear on heavy equipment.

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