Danfoss Editron and TESYA cooperate to electrify Mediterranean

Companies sign cooperation agreement to electrify the Southern European marine industry

Danfoss’ Editron hybrid-electric marine propulsion system Danfoss’ Editron division will combine its hybrid-electric marine propulsion system with TESYA Group’s products, which include Cat diesel engines, propellers and control systems. (Photo: Danfoss Power Solutions)

Danfoss Power Solutions’ Editron division has signed a cooperation agreement with Caterpillar dealer TESYA Group to accelerate electrification of the marine industry in Southern Europe. The agreement comes in the midst of increasing demand for hybrid and fully electric vessels in the Mediterranean region. The region is one of the busiest waterways in the world, carrying 20% of maritime trade, only a fraction of which is currently low carbon.

“Mediterranean countries are increasingly developing their shipbuilding industries, while looking for alternative, more sustainable marine solutions,” said Philipp Fedorov, marine sales director at Danfoss’ Editron division. “By combining our skills and technologies, we’ll be able to offer our local customers a turnkey solution for the best possible operation of their vessels. We are ready to deliver hybrid and fully electric solutions that will help decarbonize the marine sector and are confident that our collaboration will set new industry standards in the region.”

The joint offering will include diesel gen-sets, batteries, propulsion inverters and motors, propeller systems and all necessary controls, with an initial focus on the electrification of yachts, passenger vessels and workboats. The Editron division will combine its hybrid-electric marine propulsion system with TESYA-supplied Cat diesel engines, propellers and control systems. It will also support TESYA’s electrification projects, including hybrid and fully electric vessels, by providing electrical machines, converters and transformers, compact and class-approved DC links and other required equipment. TESYA will provide energy-efficient marine engines, shaft systems and other heavy marine propulsion equipment.

“The Mediterranean region is one of our traditional markets, and we are thrilled to help it accelerate its sustainable transition. Our customers, primarily shipbuilders, will continue to focus on hull construction, efficient vessel design and delivery. Meanwhile, our joint offer will solve challenges related to the integration of different power and control systems for new and retrofitted vessels,” Enrico Dari, group sales marine director at TESYA Group, stated. “Sustainability is one of the four pillars of our evolution towards 2025, and this cooperation will be a very important step for it.”

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