DB-60 water cannon acquired by Veit

11 March 2013

Rodgers, Minnesota, headquartered demolition contractor Veit USA has acquired DustBoss equipment from Dust Control Technology after a period of testing and evaluating equipment from a number of suppliers over recent years. According to Veit general manager Ryan Olson: “We have tested misting devices from a few suppliers. Our first DustBoss rental was in 2008, and we’ve gotten to know the equipment very well over about 50 rental days since then.”

“The DustBoss is a great option on both large- and small-scale demolition projects, from 500-foot smoke stacks to small ranch houses, Any job that requires suppressing dust to keep it from migrating off-site or affecting the local environment,” he went on.

Veit has purchased a DustBoss DB-60 that can project an atomised plume of water droplets more than 60 m (200ft) on a calm day, covering an area of 26,000 square metres (280,000 square feet) with a single full oscillation machine. Depending on wind conditions, the nature of the project and the equipment in use, Veit’s DB-60 will be positioned to oscillate over a large area or as a stationary barrier to prevent dust from migrating to outside site boundaries. On most sites, the machine is powered by a generator although it can be run using in-house power.

“For us, there are several benefits,” Ryan continued. “Protecting nearby inhabitants and local environments is key, and the DustBoss is much more effective than other measures we’ve tried. The labour savings also allows us to concentrate our employees on core activities. It’s simple to wheel it into place and aim it, and it works all day. No lunch breaks, no sick days and it allows us to keep employees further from the demolition work for greater safety.”

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