Delaware shuts down recycling operation

09 May 2013

The US state of Delaware has suspended the operating permit issued to Mike Davidson Enterprises LLC to operate a recycling facility at Camden in Kent County until the company is able to demonstrate that it can operate the facility in compliance with the permit and the Delaware Regulations Governing Solid Waste (DRGSW) 7 DE Admin Code 1301.

A public hearing took place in January and February 2012 and the report of the presiding hearing officer found that MDE had committed numerous violations of the provisions of the Permit and the DRGSW.

The report found that the company had committed 22 violations, most of which were either ongoing or committed on multiple dates. These included the management of solid waste outside the allowed area, a failure to operate the facility in a manner that would avoid contamination to land, air, surface water or groundwater and failure to submit complete annual reports to the state’s Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Section in a timely manner. In addition MDE operated the site outside of the approved hours of operation and the site’s weigh master failed to inspect all incoming construction and demolition waste loads in line with the approved Plan of Operation.

As a result of the numerous violations, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control issued Order no 2013-WH-0010 on 29 April, effective that same date, suspending MDE’s operating permit as “the proper remedy for MDE’s continuing and flagrant non-compliance with the Permit and DRGSW”.

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