Delicate dismantling: Sawing provides a quick and safe method of demolition

27 February 2008

When Extreme Concrete Cutting won the contract to demolish an improperly built wastewater treatment plant in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, the company chose a Husqvarna WS 463 wall saw as the main tool for the dismantling operation.

The building measured 25 m x 30 m, with 4 m walls, and the company chose to cut and dismantle it as the safest and quickest option. “The WS 463 is easy to assemble and operate, and it has an impressive speed. Once I had mastered the saw, I could saw two cuts in the same amount of time that it took a competitor's saw to make one cut,” said Wade Erasmus, operations manager at Extreme Concrete Cutting.

No building scaffolding was required, and thanks to the remote control unit, the user could work at a long distance, something that was required since the safety demands were extremely high.

Husqvarna says its WS 463 wall saw is designed with the blade close to the track, for increased performance, improved accuracy and reduced wear. It features hydraulic control and drive with three speeds, and is supplied with four wall brackets, track coupling, oil, blade guard, connectable track with saw trolley, tool kit, track holder and blade guard guide.

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