Demolition goes to the movies - Warner Brothers studio redevelopment

15 February 2011

Seven stage sets at Leavesden Studios face refurbishment for future filiming

Seven stage sets at Leavesden Studios face refurbishment for future filiming

Seven motion picture stage sets, home for the filming of the Harry Potter and James Bond series of films are set to be dismantled by UK contractor Downwell Demolition Ltd.

The Warner Brothers' Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire is undergoing redevelopment for the filming of future blockbuster movies.

Downwell is to strip ceilings, roofs and existing soundproofing during a six month contract. It will make use of a combination of scissor work platforms and demolition excavators to remove scaffolding, ceiling ducts, roof panels and skylights from the main structures. It will also demolishing a number of ancillary buildings adjacent to them.

A number of stage sets and archive libraries will still be in the structures during the work. All materials removed from the site will be recycled to ensure a minimal environmental impact.

According to Downwell managing director Matt Phillips: "We are confident our skill and expertise will ensure an expeditious strip out of the studios and controlled demolition of the adjacent buildings, whilst remaining compliant with the contractor's health and safety and environmental requirements.

"We fully expect to deliver the structures ready for their refurbishment and rebuild on schedule and on budget."

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