Demolition robots build a solid foundation in County Durham

03 February 2011

The two Brokks and the Husqvarna DXR310 robots at work

The two Brokks and the Husqvarna DXR310 robots at work

Tyne Tees Demolition subcontracted Gnat UK to provide a solution to a challenging demolition task during the enlargement of a major clothing store in County Durham, UK. This consisted of breaking out concrete In a confined space to form two narrow trenches either side of a structural wall dividing two adjacent shop units that are to be turned into a single unit by clothing retailer Next.

Once the trenches were dug, minipiles are to be sunk in them to support columns, allowing the dividing wall to be demolished. The work was complicated by the fact that the bottom of the two trenches had to be at the same level but the concrete floor slab of one shop was 1.5 m (4.9 ft) higher than the other.

Gnat used three demolition robots on the job - a Husqvarna DXR310 dug the deeper of the two trenches, with two Brokks (a 150 and a 180) were used on the other. According to Gnat managing director Nick Turnbull, the extending boom on the Husqvarna allowed the full depth of the trench it dug to be opened up in just two passes.

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