Demolition Summit website goes live

By Lindsay Gale10 June 2009

The website for the Demolition Summit in Amsterdam on 5 - 6 November is now online. To access the latest updates regarding this major new event for the demolition industry, go to, or alternatively follow the link for the summit from KHL's home page,

The conference programme is currently under development and will be added to the site as soon as it is finalised, but the main themes have been identified and are as follows:

1. Light at the end of the tunnel? The latest economic forecasts for the construction economy as a whole, and the demolition sector in particular.

  • Analysis of the construction industry's economic position
  • Understanding global economic dynamics and their impact on the construction and demolition sector
  • Predicting the end of the recession and analysing the likely post-recession landscape for the sector
  • The latest European country forecasts

2. Surviving these troubled times: strategies to protect, grow and prepare your business for the times ahead

  • Operating at maximum efficiency to maintain healthy profits
  • Adopting best practice techniques to protect your business
  • Strategies to protect your cashflow
  • Prepare for the future: diversify your services and clients to protect your independence and reduce risk.

3. The rise of unqualified competition: a new worrying trend

  • Defining 'unqualified competition'; what is happening and why
  • Assessing the extent of the phenomenon and implications for demolition
  • Identifying strategies to prevent this from becoming an acceptable practice
  • Discussing ideas and way forward to tackle the issue

4. Health, safety and training in an economic crisis

  • The cost of not understanding your health, safety and training needs
  • Why these are not times to take risks
  • Remaining competitive in an tough marketplace without cutting corners

5. Collaborative approaches: making innovation happen

  • Case studies of successful collaboration between manufacturers and demolition contractors.

6. Demolition stories from the USA: innovation at work

  • Analysing the US demolition landscape and how this has changed post 9/11
  • Innovative ideas in US demolition work
  • Tackling a disaster: the key role of demolition in major crisis management
  • Case studies from the US

7. Blue sky thinking - doing business in the future demolition industry

  • Modern buildings coming to their end-of-life: implications for demolition
  • New materials, new headaches: disposal challenges
  • Demolishing stronger and better building
  • Is your equipment, workforce and expertise up to the new challenges?
  • Exploring strategies to prepare for the future


Top projects in action - case studies from cutting edge demolition contracts
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