Demolition textbook goes digital

09 June 2011

The demolition textbook written by Richard Diven and Mark Shaurette of Purdue Univeristy is now available in digital format.

The demolition textbook published by Purdue University Press, in conjunction with the National Demolition Association, reviewed by John Woodward in the November-December 2010 issue of this magazine has now been produced in digital format. Versions are available for all e-book readers, including Kindle, Nook and iPad.

According to NDA executive director Mike Taylor: "Since its publication in a print format in 2010, sales have been brisk. We expect with the added availability of the book in a digital format to see a big jump in sales. Considering the recent news that e-book sales at Amazon surpassed print books, we think this may become the preferred format among the book's intended audiences."

"The reason for its popularity is the interest it's generating not only among college students studying construction management, but also among general contractors, engineers, government regulators, and even the members of the general public who are want to know more about demolition," he said."

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