Denka examines telescope

10 November 2010

Denka's DL30 trailer mounted platform proves the ideal for antenna inspection.

Denka's DL30 trailer mounted platform proves the ideal for antenna inspection.

The radio-astronomical observatory, Svetloe in the Leningrad region approached Russian access specialist LTECH for help with maintenance of the antennas which serve the Radio-interferometric network KVAZAR-KVO.

The most appropriate piece of equipment for this work was a Denka DL30 trailer mounted platform produced by the Danish manufacturer. It was chosen for its combination of light-weight and 30 m working height. The DL30 is an electrically driven machine which provides almost noiseless operation both indoors and outdoors as well as low emissions.

The DL30 offers a 9.5 m outreach, and a platform capacity of 200 kg, its overall weight is 3500 kg and in transport mode is 8.9 m long, 1.75 m wide and 2.14 m high.

Svetloe is the first of three observation stations of the KVAZAR-KVO radio-interferometric network, which was commissioned for experimental exploration coming on line in 1999. In 2006 reconstruction of the telescope took place. The main element of the observatory is the fully rotating high-precision radio telescope with a main mirror diameter of 32 m.

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