Derrick crane new from Liebherr

25 April 2008

New from Liebherr in Germany is the 200 DR 5-10 derrick crane for dismantling tall tower cranes.

Maximum load moment is 200 tonne-metres and maximum radius is 25 m. As standard it can hoist components for tower cranes, in the 300 tonne-metre class and larger, down from a height of 320 m. The dimensions and weights of all the parts of the new crane are designed to enable them to be dismantled with the aid of a small hoist and removed via lift shafts in buildings.

Depending on the application, the new crane can be configured with load moments of 100 or 200 tonne- metres. For optimum force distribution, supports for the 200 DR 5-10 are articulated and can be adapted to suit the substructure of the building. Using a jib for a maximum radius of 20 m, loads of 10 tonnes can be hoisted in double-reeved operation out to full radius. The jib used for a 25 m radius can hoist 7.5 tonnes at the tip.

Frequency-controlled stepless drives are used on all motions and are 37 kW for the luffing gear and 45 kW for the hoist gear. All movements are monitored by the SPS control system used in all Liebherr luffing jib cranes. Sensors monitor and safeguard the hoisting height, load moment, jib inclination and slewing gear. Operation is by radio remote control.

Simple hoisting equipment is used to dismantle the derrick crane so no additional crane is required. Liebherr supplies a package consisting of a high-lift truck, fork-lift truck with weighing equipment and a collapsible workshop crane. Maximum dimensions of individual parts are 2.20 x 1.10 x 1.10 m and maximum component weight is 1,000 kg.

First applications for the 200 DR 5-10 were dismantling cranes on the 264 m high Al Kazim Tower in Dubai and on what will soon be Europe’s tallest building – the 354 m high Federation Tower in Moscow.

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