Designed for recycling

24 April 2008

Sandvik's Real J1 1 jaw crusher is a machine designed specifically for the needs of the recycling industry, explains Nils-Evert Karlsson, VP Product Line Management within the Construction segment of Sandvik Mining and Construction.

“A good recycling crusher has a different feed opening. A stone crusher wouls have a fairly square opening, while a recycling crusher's opening needs to be more rectangular. The other feature is that the unit needs to be able to take care of a mix of materials, such as rebar.

“You need to be able to change the settings easily or automatically. In a quarry the crusher works in the same application day after day, so the settings don't change much - even if they do and it takes a while, that's no big deal. But that would be a problem with a recycling crusher, which processes different material every day.

“You also want the weight to be low to make it easy to transport. We use the latest CAD and stress analysis design tools, to do this, and we also make sure the unit is not too high, and has a low centre of gravity.

“Then you have to put it on a mobile unit, and you have to think about keeping the noise low, making maintenance easy and that it's easy to transport.”

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