Deutz claims Stage V engine development

22 April 2015

German engine manufacturer Deutz has unveiled its new series of engines at Intermat, which claim to meet proposed Stage V emissions standards.

The new engines, ranging in size from 2.8 to 7.8 litres, have been developed ahead of stricter off-highway diesel exhaust regulations that are expected to apply in Europe from 2019.

Deutz said it had prepared much of the initial work for Stage V with engine releases last year. For its 2014 line-up, the company developed exhaust aftertreatment systems, as well as a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Michael Wellenzohn, a member of the Deutz Board of management, said the conversion to the Stage V standards would represent a “major challenge” for manufacturers and OEMs. However, he said the company had invested significantly in preparing for the next phase of emissions regulations relating to construction equipment engines. This has included the development of the company’s exhaust aftertreatment system known as Dvert (Deutz variable emissions reduction technology.)

Wellenzohn said, “By offering proven technology and flexibility as regards when to implement it, our aim is to provide customers with the best possible product planning support and to help them upgrade their products to meet Stage V. “Our Stage V ready commitment applies in equal measure to planning certainty and future-proof technology. This generates massive customer benefits.”

He added that the development of the company's Stage V-ready engines would help avoid a situation of customers stocking excess quantities of older specification engines covered by earlier emissions legislation, which had been permitted under flexibility laws introduced within Europe.

Wellenzohn said that the latest series of engines would be suitable for a broad range of applications, and would require no further upgrades to meet the planned Stage V emissions standards.

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