Different new boom system from Tadano

01 April 2015

Tadano says its Triple Boom System is a revolutionary development

Tadano says its Triple Boom System is a revolutionary development

A new and very different Tadano boom system will be seen for the first time on a new eight axle all terrain crane in development at Tadano Faun in Germany.

The manufacturer describes the new patented boom as revolutionary. Andreas Hoffmann, project manager, said, “The new Tadano Triple Boom System is going to change the crane business.”

It is the first eight axle all terrain crane that won’t have a boom suspension system to enhance capacity, the manufacturer said. Instead it uses a central telescopic boom that is permanently flanked by smaller round tubular telescopic supports running parallel to it along its length, spaced off it to give stiffness. “Reliability through avoidance of highly complex technologies” is how Andreas Hoffmann describes the design approach.

Thomas Schramm, Tadano general manager of sales and marketing, cites competitive advantages for crane owners, of the new design, “Elimination of additional transport for the boom suspension system, increased rental times due to time saved in rigging, as well as a significantly smaller tail swing radius for use in tight construction sites, all contribute to the efficiency of this new crane.”

Alexander Knecht, Tadano chairman said, “The first time I imagined the Triple-Boom System – could really envision it – I thought ‘This could be a revolutionary boom system.’” In terms of product strategy, “the large eight-axle crane was the logical sequel to the successful launch of the 400 tonne crane three years ago. Tadano wanted to offer a complete product range.”

At the time of writing the capacity and name or model number of the new eight axle crane were yet to be determined.

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