Dingli introduces new mini scissor

By Euan Youdale23 March 2022

JCPT0707DCM-02 The JCPT0707DCM, parts of Dingli’s Mini Scissor series.

A new model has been added to Dingli’s Mini Scissor series.

The 6.5m working height, lightweight battery-powered JCPT0707DCM can fit into a standard elevator. The micro lift has dimensions of 1.43m x 0.76m, and a maximum load of 230kg.

Dingli’s DC electric drive Mini Scissor series now covers three models, the 5.6m JCPT0607DCM、the new JCPT0707DCM, with the third unit being the 7.6m working height JCPT0708DCM.

With the guard rails folded down, the overall heights are 1.62m, 1.68m and 1.65m, respectively, while weighing in at 920kg, 1150kg, and 1300kg. 

Dingli points out that with a lower purchase price, the rental price for mini scissors remains almost the same as that of standard scissors, therefore making the rate of return higher.

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