Doosan demolition excavator takes down historic factory

A Doosan DX530DM demolition excavator – featuring a 29 m (95 ft) boom – has been used in a top down demolition of part of an historic manufacturing plant.

Doosan DX530DM demolition excavator Italian demolition contractor Seli using Doosan’s demolition excavator to take down the factory in Lissone, Italy. (Photo: Doosan)

The site, at Lissone in Monza, Italy, is owned by Brugola OEB Industriale, a producer of fasteners and other parts for the automotive sector.

The company recently chosen to modernise and expand the Lissone site – involving the demolition of a production facility, abandoned for some years, to make way for the new company headquarters and a new pedestrian.

This is described as an important urban project that will revive the local area and increase standards of living in the neighbourhood.

Specialist demolition and decommissioning business unit

The demolition contract was awarded to Seli Manutenzioni Generali of Monza, a company with more than 50 years of experience in construction that more recently formed a Business Unit dedicated to demolition and decommissioning.

The DX530DM carried out the entire demolition from above of two industrial buildings consisting of a tower section, 20 m (66 ft) high, and two single-storey buildings, that made up the old factory.

It was supported by a Doosan DX235LCR-7 excavator which, in alternating phases, dealt with the crushing and removal of steel from the demolition waste, as well as the subsequent loading of materials onto trucks destined for recycling plants.

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