Doosan unveils earthmovers, new additions from Bobcat

Montabert will be displaying several breakers from its no-frills Blue Line.

Montabert will be displaying several breakers from its no-frills Blue Line.

Doosan will be launching its new generation DL300-3, DL350-3, DL420-3, DL450-3 and DL550-3 large wheeled loaders.

Powered by Scania SCR diesel engines meeting the Stage IIIB EU emissions regulations, the new large wheel loaders combine high engine power output with new ZF transmissions and several other features which Doosan said minimised fuel consumption as well as ease of handling, serviceability, durability and enhanced operator comfort.

With bucket capacities ranging from 3.0 to 5.5m3, the new Doosan large wheeled loaders are intended to meet a range of material-handling needs from loading and transporting granular material such as sand and gravel, to industrial, mining and quarrying applications.

The DL300-3 and DL350-3 wheeled loaders are driven by the 9-litre Scania DC09 SCR 5-cylinder diesel engine delivering a maximum power output of 202kW at 1,800rpm, while the DL420-3, DL450-3 and DL550-3 models are powered by the larger 13-litre Scania DC13 SCR 6-cylinder diesel engine. Maximum power outputs of for the DL420-3 and DL450-3 are 264kW at 1,800rpm, while the maximum for the DL550-3 is 283kW.

Another Intermat launch from Doosan is its new generation DL200-3 medium wheeled loader with a bucket capacity of 2m3.

The DL200-3 is powered by the Doosan DL06 common rail 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine meeting Stage IIIB engine emission regulations through the use of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) after-treatment technologies.

The DX180LC-3 is the first of the new Doosan mid-range Stage IIIB compliant excavators.

The DX180LC-3 excavator is powered by the Doosan DL06 common rail 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine meeting Stage IIIB engine emission regulations through the use of EGR and DPF.

The Doosan DL06 engine runs at 1,950rpm and is said to deliver 3% more power - 91.2kW - and 15% more torque - 54kgfm - than the engine in the existing DX180LC Stage IIIA model. Doosan said that factory tests showed a 5% to 10% reduction in fuel consumption, depending on the operating mode selected and the work being undertaken.

Doosan is also launching its new Stage IIIB-compliant DX300LC-3 and DX340LC-3 crawler excavators.

The DX300LC-3 and DX340LC-3 excavators are powered by the Doosan DL08K common rail 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine meeting, also using EGR and DPF.

At 159kW, the Doosan DL08K engine in the DX300LC-3 excavator claims to deliver 2% more power at a lower speed of 1,800rpm than the existing DX300LC Stage IIIA model. Compared to the DX340LC, the engine in the new DX340LC-3 delivers 210kW - a 7% increase in power at a low 1,800rpm.

The new ROPS and OPG (Operator Protective Guard) certified cab offers more space for the operator and features that include direct control through the joysticks, which have new proportional thumb wheel switches and integrated buttons to provide precise, proportional control of attachments.

There is a new 1.78mm colour high quality visual control console, and all functions can be controlled both from the instrument panel as well as via a new jog/shuttle control next to the joystick. This is a feature Doosan claims is exclusive to its excavators.

Portable Power

Doosan Portable Power is launching the G150-IIIA (150kVA prime power) and G200-IIIA (200kVA prime power) generators meeting the EU Stage IIIA engine emission regulations for generators that came into force in January 2011.

As well as incorporating the changes required to meet Stage IIIA, the new generators have been redesigned.

The output performance stability of the generators is ensured by an optimised powertrain featuring a combination of John Deere Stage IIIA engines and Leroy Somer alternators. The generators have a standard fuel capacity offering a minimum of 12 hours of autonomous operation (at 75% of the load), while a 24-hour onboard fuel tank configuration is available as an option.

Doosan claimed that the innovative fuel tank frame system, which ensures 110% fluid containment capacity, provided the highest operational flexibility available in the generator market.

Doosan Portable Power is also showing for the first time the company's new generation portable compressors meeting Stage IIIB emission regulations.

The first portable compressors required to meet the Stage IIIB regulations are those with engines from 130kW to 560kW. Stage IIIB regulations for this size of compressor also came into effect during 2011.

Based on a common platform, the new range of large Stage IIIB compressors comprises five models offering free air deliveries from 21.5 to 30.0m3/min and rated operating pressures between 9bar and 21bar. The compressors are powered by the Cummins QSL9 Stage IIIB engine using EGR, DOC and DPF after-treatment technologies.

The Stage IIIB models have been given new designations - 9/275, 9/305, 12/250, 17/240 and 21/220 - to distinguish them from the current Stage IIIA models in the same capacity range, the 9/270, 9/300, 12/235, 17/235 and 21/215 compressors.

Doosan said the new designations were important from the point of view of aftermarket and service considerations, as well as customer familiarity since, under agreements approved by the EU, the two sets of products will both be available for some time in 2012.

New versions of the 7/26E and 7/31E portable compressors, equipped with the Tough Top polymer canopy, are being launched by Doosan Portable Power.

It said that as well as offering outstanding durability, the Tough Top canopy was also non-corrodible and could be supplied in customer colours. The new compressors complement the 7/41+ Tough Top model launched in 2010.

The new 7/26E+ model supplies 2.5m3/min of compressed air at 7bar output pressure and is powered by a 3-cylinder Yanmar liquid-cooled engine producing 21.2kW of power at 2,800 rpm. Powered by a 3-cylinder 26.0kW Yanmar engine running at 2,800rpm, the new 7/31E+ compressor supplies 3.0m3/min of compressed air at 7bar output pressure.


Bobcat has launched a sonic tracer system for use with its two largest - 244cm and 274cm - heavy duty grader attachments.

The tracer emits ultra sonic signals to maintain a set distance or elevation from an object, surface or the ground. Installed on the blades of the graders, the sonic tracer allows them to be used to grade, level, and backfill on a multiple slope terrain when following a string line, kerb stone, the gutter or even a previous pass as a grade control. Grade accuracy is 6.4mm, and the detection range of the sonic tracer is from 200mm to 1.3m.

The system comprises a sonic tracer, two slope sensors and one rotation sensor, all of which are Trimble components. The sensors communicate directly with the Bobcat Attachments Control Device (ACD).

The operator can set the desired grade and tracer offset, while getting a readout of the actual grade and graphical feedback on both grade and tracer offset.

Bobcat is launching the high horsepower TL470HF telescopic handler, expanding the range of new generation TL models. Powered by the 97.5kW Perkins 1104D-E44TA diesel engine, the new TL470HF offers higher horsepower and torque, and has a maximum travel speed of 40kph.

The combination of increased torque and a new load sensing pump delivering a hydraulic flow of 190l/min, means that TL470HF model offers faster cycle times at a lower engine speed when performing both single and combined boom movements, according to the company.

The TL470HF telescopic handler has a maximum lift capacity of 3.5 tonnes and a maximum lift height of 7m. The capacity at full lift height is 3.0 tonnes, while the maximum forward reach is just over 4m and the lift capacity at full reach is 1.5 tonnes.


Geith, a designer and manufacturer of couplers and attachment products for excavators - is launching new safety-focused, automatic quick couplers for a range of excavator sizes.

The new QC35/40 hydraulic coupler is designed for use on mini-excavators from 2 to 4 tonnes in weight. It expands the range of Geith couplers to cover excavators from 2 to 90 tonne.

These fully automatic couplers area said to ensure a safe changeover of attachments without the need for the operator to leave the excavator cab. A patented double pin locking system ensures that the coupler retains the attachment in a safe position even if there is a loss of power, according to the manufacturer.

A new range of heavy duty excavator buckets, tilt buckets and ripper attachments will also be on the Geith stand.

Designed for use on excavators ranging from 1 to 90 tonne, the new heavy duty excavator buckets are suitable for light and heavy construction site work as well as for use in more demanding excavating conditions.

The range includes heavy duty digging and grading buckets in different widths and capacities with a choice of fittings to match the excavator to optimise digging and loading performance.

Geith tilt buckets increase the adaptability and productivity of excavators for land clearing, ditching, slope work, backfilling and waste handling applications. The tilt buckets are available in a variety of widths and capacities for machines ranging in size from 3 to 50 tonnes.

It has an optimum pivotal design providing a 90° tilt (45° in either direction) with flow control valves for easy adjustment of tilting speed, two heavy duty hydraulic cylinders for excellent holding power, and a spill guard and cylinder guards to protect the cylinder rod and hose fittings.

The Geith ripper is designed to give an excavator a powerful ripping ability in hard ground conditions as well as in the most demanding demolition applications. The ripper is engineered to reduce excessive stress on the excavator. The ripper is available for machines from 2 tonnes to over 80 tonnes in weight, and offers a work depth of up to 1.55m.

The ripper has a solid steel shank with a reinforced top mounting area for added durability. Hardened wear plates increase wear resistance and extend the life of the attachment. Replaceable tooth systems are available for all models. A pin-on replaceable shin is standard on all ripper models for excavators over 14 tonne.

Montabert will be showing three new breakers at Intermat - a new two-speed unit for heavy carriers and two new Blue Line models. The new V3500 heavy breaker fills out the existing product line and is for carriers from 35 to 60 tonnes.

The company says that it is ideal for high productivity work on homogeneous rock surfaces. The Blue Line units are more suited to demolition, road building, utilities and trenching, says Montabert. The 900 kg (1,980 lb) XL1000 is for carriers between 11 and 17 tonnes, with the 1,250 kg (2,750 lb) XL1300 being for carriers between 15 and 22 tonnes. Blue line units are designed as an entry level range of quality breakers with a simple, cost effective design for customers for whom price is the major concern.

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