Doppstadt improves DZ 750 universal shredder

28 February 2018

Doppstadt, the Germany-based environmental technology company, has announced that it now offers its DZ 750 Combi universal shredder with even more powerful components.

Doppstadt web

The DZ 750 Combi can operate for long continuous periods

The shredder now has a new drive unit, a higher metal separation rate and an intelligent hydraulic control system. Its Volvo motors provide around 700 hp for pre-shredding and supplementary shredding tasks, and it also shreds heavily contaminated material.

The slow-running pre-shredding process efficiently breaks down the material so that the new main magnet can easily separate out any large iron parts. The fast-running supplementary shredding process then produces a marketable end-product. With a 1,000-litre diesel tank, the machine can cope with long days of continuous operation.

The machine is designed for long-term use, with maintenance and downtime kept to a minimum.

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