Double debut from Brokk at bauma

18 April 2013

The 400D diesel powered robot replaces the 330 model

The 400D diesel powered robot replaces the 330 model

Brokk launched two new demolition robots at this week’s bauma show in the shape of its diesel 400D that will replace the 330 model when delivery begins in August and a new 60 model that will start to be delivered in September,

The 400D has been designed to carry heavier attachments than the outgoing 330, such as the SB 552 breaker and the CC700 crusher, and is intended for applications in the process, tunnelling and mining industries. It has a reach of almost 7 m (23 ft), is only 100 mm (4 in) wider than its predecessor and has a travel speed 60% faster.

“The Brokk 400D will enable our clients to perform new jobs that require its improved strength and reach, whether that is in construction, process, tunneling or mining”, said Martin Krupicka, Brokk CEO. “And the improved speed will prove very valuable in applications where the machine is required to move around a lot”.

The new Brokk 60 is the smallest in the company’s range but has been upgraded with 25% more power, a new control system and an even more robust design. The 60 model is intended for use in the construction sector and other applications were a compact solution is required.

“The Brokk 60 is a completely upgraded redesign of the popular Brokk 50 model making it a state-of-the-art machine”, said Martin. “We have incorporated several of the new features that were previously only found on the bigger Brokk machines and that have proven to be very valuable for everyday, reliable performance and operation.”

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