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22 April 2020

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Construction’s Giant Leap into the future!

“100 Ways to Eliminate Downtime” is the culmination of the Eliminate Downtime Journey and it is a curated mix of the stories collected at major events such as ARA, Bauma and smaller conferences such as the Predict Summit and Downtime events, and corner offices and site meetings. Ten chapters capture the multifaceted dimensions reflecting this massive industry problem of downtime and unfolds paths into the future of construction.

  • Did you know? 55% of construction companies do not exploit the full potential of the data they gather.
  • Featured story: Why it’s not a lack of machines that causes downtime on-site
  • AI use cases for construction: where new technology helps humans do a better job

Discover more insights and stories in the white book – a practical guide for people who want to eliminate downtime - packed with inspiration, stories, insights and questions.

A truly collaborative effort

The whitebook is relevant to everybody working in and with construction and has been brought forward by the contribution of committee members, peers, friends and like-minded people - it is truly the result of a collaborative effort.

The Eliminate Downtime White Book documents real stories, real people, and organizations that recognize the problems the industry faces every day. These people and organizations are collaborating at a human and technology level to implement solutions. I have said before that downtime is the mother of all problems in our industry, by documenting how the industry is engaging with the challenges, we offer a guide that people at all levels can gain insights from and hopefully spark new ideas that will continue to drive this movement forward.” - Soeren Brogaard, founding member of the movement

The hope is that it will be used as a conversation starter and inspiration to humans who want to eliminate downtime.

What is eliminate downtime?

The Eliminate Downtime initiative is backed by visionary leaders, startups and executives from tech and construction. The individuals and organizations joining the movement are a demonstration of the wide-felt need for change: We all believe that by sharing and working together we can deliver on the bold promise: By 2025, we will eliminate downtime.

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