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20 March 2008

Vogele's Inline Pave system allows the surface and binding cource to be laid at the same time, for a

Vogele's Inline Pave system allows the surface and binding cource to be laid at the same time, for a better finish and longer road life.

Manufacturers are fast developing new technologies for the road compaction sector leading to more efficient and productive machines.

For example, Hamm has launched the HCQ-Asphalt Navigator for evaluating and documenting asphalt compaction.

Gottfried Beer, director of marketing for Hamm, said, “The main functions of this system are simultaneously pioneering innovations: a navigation system for roller operators and the measurement of the degree of compaction during the compaction process.”

He added the network functions of the system allowed several rollers equipped with the HCQ-Asphalt Navigator working on the same job site to continuously exchange project data via a wireless LAN transmission.

Each roller integrates the measured data of all machines and displays the real-time result. The system guides the operators and shows them compaction across the entire job site at any time.

Mr Beer said, “We evaluate the complete process, no-one is asking about stifiness but they are asking about the degree of compaction. The stiffness is affected by whether the asphalt is cold or hot and by the ground conditions – whether they are soft or hard.”

The Dynapac Compaction Analyzer for asphalt (DCA-A) was launched at the recent Bauma exhibition and is an option for the new generation of Dynapac tandem asphalt rollers – the CC424HF, CC524HF and CC624HF.

A spokesman for the company said the software, designed for increased asphalt compaction, runs on a cab-mounted computer, helping operators achieve the ideal rolling pattern by keeping track of the number of passes and showing temperatures in the asphalt.

Bomag has designed a new measuring technology using GPS designed for compaction control on earthworks and asphalt materials.

A spokesman for the company said, “The Bomag measuring and documentation system detects and logs not only the stiffness; it also controls the compaction process and documents compaction progress, the number of passes, the amplitude, the frequency and the working speed, as well as asphalt compaction and asphalt temperature.”

The new 7 tonne pivot steered tandem roller from Bomag, can be equipped with Asphalt Manager on the front drum for automatic compaction control.

The spokesman added, “The combination of measurement technology and GPS makes it possible to control and document compaction to an accuracy of a few centimetres over the entire construction area.”

Ammann has also revealed new compaction measurement and control systems.

A spokesman for the company said: “The overriding goal in the Ammann Compaction sector is – and remains – our role as a driving force in the introduction and development of Intelligent Compaction, as it is known.”

The latest developments in this field are the fully hydraulic reversible AVH 6030-ACE plate with 3-shaft technology, and the ACEplus, which links the proven ACE automatic measurement and control system with the latest GPS technology.

The new ASC 130-ACE vibratory single drum roller is equipped with Ammann Compaction Expert, which offers a very simple user dialogue for rapid, reliable utilisation of this high-performance system, a company spokesman said.

Another Bauma launch was a version of Caterpillar's AccuGrade machine control system for soil compactors. The main components are an external GPS receiver and in-cab colour display. This shows the target compaction value in a certain colour, which changes when the right level of compaction has been achieved. Other data can be displayed as needed, such as a coverage map that shows the number of passes completed, which helps the operator verify that the work is done.

Controlling accuracy

Technological control systems have been recognised in other fields of road construction. For example Joseph Vögele won the 2007 Euro Test Prize for the company's ErgoPlus – a new operating concept for its new generation of road pavers.

The company said there are four concepts integral to the design including: ergonomic position for the operator; fully integrated operating console for the screwman; new automated grade and slope control, the Navitronic Plus and new diagnostic concept.

The company said that its new 3D machine control device – the Navitronic Plus system, is unique because it controls elevation and slope of screed as well as the screed's position and the paver's direction of motion. It includes an open interface with which common 3D positioning systems, such as laser-based total stations or GPS can be connected. Existing survey data collected (for example, earthworks) can also be used for paver control.

The Level Pro automatic levelling system from Wirtgen, designed for its cold milling machines, regulates the pre-set milling depth and inclination electronically, thus guaranteeing full control of the levelling process and high accuracy of the milling results, the company said

Ingersoll Rand's new Titan 6870 wheeled paver features the latest version of the company's Electronic Paver Management system (EPM 2). A spokesman for the company said the information system is further enhanced by the use of bluetooth technology, which enables contact with factory and service personnel.

New Machines

Wirtgen has introduced the smallest slipform paver model in its range – the SP 150 – which can pave offset on the left or the right side of the machine either inside or outside of the machine dimensions.

Meanwhile, Vögele has launched the tracked Super 1100-2 and Super 1300-2 pavers and the wheeled Super 1103-2 and Super 1303-2 models onto the market. The new Super 1800-2 with SprayJet module offers ‘cutting-edge’ technology for road rehabilitation.

Another innovation is ‘InLine Pave’ and ‘hot on hot’ paving, where the binding and surface courses are laid almost simultaneously. This makes the paving process faster and ensures a better bond between the courses, leading to a more even surface and longer life for the road.

Dynapac also offers equipment for hot-on-hot paving in the form of its compact asphalt paver. This machine is capable of laying up to 1000 tonnes of asphalt per hour, so one of the challenges with such systems is keeping the paver supplied with enough asphalt, as well of course as keeping the two mixes separate.

Series 6 paving kit from Terex Roadbuilding offers paving widths from 3.7 to 11.6 m and is now available for the Terex CMI SF3500B and SF6004 series of slipform pavers. Power Curbers new curb and gutter, pavement and barrier slipform paving model, the 5700-C is equipped with a standard swivel chute for pouring in a single traffic lane.

For asphalt contractors, the new Terex utility cold planer line features machines powered by Stage IIIA and Tier 3 engines and offers a number of milling widths and machine configurations to meet worldwide contractor needs. Terex Road building also announced three new utility mill models to its existing line of mainline cold pavers – the CMI PR165, PR220 and PR330.

The company said the new models would help contractors to tackle a wide variety of utility milling applications.

Bomag's cold milling machine programme has been expanded with the addition of the BM 1500/50, which sees a powerful working width planer enter the market.

Wirtgen has added five new models to its range of small milling machines – a portfolio that now comprises a total of nine machines. The W 60, W 100, W 100 F, W 120 F and W 130 F made their debut at this year's Bauma exhibition.

Bomag has introduced its heaviest and most powerful single drum roller – the 36 tonne BW 236 DI-4 BVC.

Hamm was awarded the iF Product Design Gold Award 2007 for its new CompactLine, the HD 8-HDT14 range of small tandem rollers with articulated steering.

The CompactLine also received the accolade of the ‘reddot design award 2007’. The Hamm range of small tandem rollers has now been extended to ten with weights between 1.5 tonnes to 4.2 tonnes including the HD 10, HD 12 and HD 13 models. A spokesman for the company said the characteristics of the new series include excellent visibility, outstanding ergonomics and driver comfort, compact dimensions and impressive compacting performance.

Ammann's Universal Next Generation (NG) asphalt mixing plant is the company's response to rising energy prices, demanding environmental standards, increased requirements for asphalt manufacture and low investment costs, the company said.

Ammann has also launched the new SIM SpeedyBatch SB280, which offers all the benefits of a fixed-position batch mixing plant, but can be moved very quickly, the company spokesman added.


The benefits of using control systems enhanced with GPS and other technologies for road building machinery are wide-ranging for operator and owners alike. The efficiency of the machine is greatly enhanced and the operator can monitor job progress more accurately and process data for contractor and customer peace of mind.

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