DustBoss clears the air for Sun Recycling

By Lindsay Gale26 January 2011

The largest independent C&D recycler in Florida, Sun Recycling, has opted for a dust suppression solution at two of its work sites (Pompano Beach and Dania Beach) in the state using DustBoss equipment. Five DustBoss units have been deployed across the two sites, in addition to other dust suppression measures, to help limit dust emissions across the tipping floor.

All five are tower mounted, with three at the Pompano Beach site mounted in outside locations and positioned on towers to extend their range and effectiveness. The remaining two are positioned indoors at the Dania Beach site.

According to Sun Recycling's facility manager Paul Valenti: "A certain amount of dust is inevitable in or business. We wanted to employ the best technology available to suppress airborne particles and prevent them from travelling." He went on to say that the two facilities run the equipment almost 24 hours a day, as long as processing operations are underway.

Sun Recycling currently operates 10 facilities across south Florida and recycles more than 2.3 m3 (3 million yd3) of material per year. It reclaims ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, plastic and cardboard using a mix of mechanical and manual processing. In average, the company recycles 84% of the materials it receives across all its facilities, with some individual locations achieving recycling rates in excess of 90%.

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