Dynapac rollers take off

11 April 2008

Finnish contractor LemminkÄinen has used three dynapac CC424 tandem asphalt rollers to widen Norway's Rygge Airport's runway, 64 km south of Oslo.

Currently operating as a military airport to allow commercial passenger and freight traffic meant widening the 2,2 km long runway from 30 to 45 m

Lemminkäinen prepared base courses on either side of the runway with an AB11W PmB mix using a Dynapac F15C paver with emulsion tank. The paver and CC 424 rollers were then used for two 50 mm asphalt layers

The new CC424, which replaces the CC422, is a 10 tonne class machine powered, by a 93 kW Cummins QSB 4,5 water-cooled, turbo-diesel engine with after cooler. It includes several new features designed primarily for larger project, including a double pump vibration system that eliminates the need for a vibration valve. Both pumps – one for each drum – can easily be shut off.

'Soft“ starting/stopping prevents bowing or cracking in the asphalt layers, allowing the CC424 to start/stop without leaving marks. For emergency stopping the roller will 'drop out' of the 'soft' mode and brake immediately if the lever is moved quickly.

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