Easi Uplifts joins PartnerLIFT group

02 April 2008

Easi Uplifts, the Republic of Ireland-based access renter, joined the German rental franchise organisation PartnerLIFT at the start of January.

The deal represents a further internationalisation of Germany's PartnerLIFT, which already has members in Switzerland and Poland and is now negotiating with potential partners in the Netherlands and Austria.

PartnerLift's managing director, Joachim Metzner, said; “the membership of Easi Uplifts is an important milestone for the PartnerLIFT association on its route into other European markets.”

Dublin based Easi Uplifts, which has four locations in The Republic of Ireland and three in the UK, is planning to expand into mainland Europe in 2008 and wants to set up at least one rental depot in Germany.

PartnerLIFT is a re-rental alliance of independent, small-and medium-sized aerial platform rental companies with sites all over Germany. In 2007 the Swiss company Rent-it AG and Poland's FHU Hein joined the association.

Members benefit from economies of scale through group purchasing agreements, and can also re-rent equipment between members.

Mr Metzner gave the example of its purchasing agreement with JLG Industries; “Only one and a half years into a cooperation agreement with JLG... we are one of their top three customers in Germany, with commensurate volume terms for our partners.”

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