Eco wash system for Mammoet

By Christian Shelton13 August 2019

Heavy lift and transportation specialist Mammoet has implemented a new wash facility at its Rosharon, Texas, USA, location that it says cleans heavy equipment with minimal impact on the environment.

The wash system uses a bio digester system which utilises a specialised strain of aerobic bacteria to remove fats, oils and greases from the water. This means the water can be reused in the wash facility’s two pressure washers.

The pressure washers provide 3,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) of continuously heated water with the able to inject detergent during washing. The pressure washers use water efficiently, Mammoet said, producing four gallons per minute each compared to an average garden hose which runs 15 gallons per minute. It said this is possible thanks to the combined velocity, heat and detergent. Any excess water produced is cleaned of fats, oils and greases and reused for dust control on the roads at the back of the facility.

The wash bay housing was specifically designed to accommodate the various dimensions of Mammoet’s specialized machinery. The housing design captures the soiled wash water for reuse and keeps it separate from ordinary rain water. The roof and sides also exclude the rain water from entering the water recycling system. The rack is designed to capture the dirty water and channel it into a series of separators to capture the soils or grit and precondition the water for the bio digester.

The wash facility’s structure and system were constructed, designed and equipped by Alklean Industries of Pasadena, Texas, and comply with standards set by the Texas Commission of Environment Quality.

Mammoet’s new eco wash facility at its Rosharon, Texas, USA, site

Mammoet’s new eco wash facility at its Rosharon, Texas, USA, site

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