02 May 2008

The European Demolition Association will be holding its annual conference in The Hungarian capital of Budapest between June 2 and 5. The city of Budapest sits on the Danube river and should provide an excellent back-drop for the conference.

Information on the event can be found on the EDA's web site (www.eda-demolition.com) but here is a rundown of the proposed conference programme with some details of the speakers who will be making presentations in Budapest.

Mr Mike Taylor, president NDA – USA

Mr Taylor will share the American experiences of the clearance of the September 11 disaster in New York. How do we handle disaster sites, especially when the demolition industry is requested to help in the immediate clearance?

Mr Thomas Stellwag, IR Montabert – France

Mr Stellwag is Area Manager for IR Montabert in Hungary.

Mrs Sara Medina, Detecsa – Spain

Mrs Medina is an engineer with Detecsa and will give a presentation concerning problems with PCBs, which are also known as Pyrallene. Detecsa is directly involved with handling PCBs on the company's Irma Project.

Mr G. Scheepers, Europe Consult

Mr Scheepers is a member of the speakers team from the European Commission. He specialises in public procurement and has 15 years of experience on this subject. He will give an introduction to the new European directive on public procurement and will pay special attention to subjects like procedures and e-procurement. Mr. Scheepers is the founder of Europe Consult; a public procurement consultancy firm.

Mr E. Sprow, Genesis Europe – Germany

Mr Edward Sprow will give a presentation covering the latest technological developments at attachment manufacturer, Genesis.

Ir. Raymond L.M. Bouwman, Rabion Consultancy – The Netherlands

Ir. Raymond L.M. Bouwman is the founder and owner of Rabion Consultancy, an Information and Communication Technology consultant. The consultancy provides services and training covering mobile communication (GSM, GPRS, UMTS and WLAN), Telecom Infrastructure and Services, and Datacommunication & Telematics. In cooperation with Babex, Mr Bouwman will give a presentation on the use of possible modern communication technologies in the demolition industry.

Mr Eric Criel, Recovinyl – The Netherlands

The main problem with post-consumer waste is ensuring a steady supply of secondary raw material to recyclers in order to justify their investments. In an effort to help provide a steady supply, recyclers and other interested parties have agreed to set up a consortium called Recovinyl to facilitate the collection, dispatching and recycling of post-consumer PVC waste across Europe. Recovinyl was established in June 2003, with its major shareholders being Rulo (Belgium), Swerec (Sweden), Tecni-Plasper (Spain), De Hoeve (Netherlands), AfDR (Germany) and Vinyloop Ferrara SpA (Italy). Mr. Eric Criel is general manager of Recovinyl and he will lead a round table discussion on Recovinyl and the collection and recycling of plastic waste in Europe.

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