EDA confirms Istanbul conference

30 July 2008

The European Demolition Association (EDA) has released a provisional programme for its autumn conference to be held in Istanbul on 6th-8th November 2008. The venue will be the 5 star Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel, located in the heart of Istanbul (Taksim) with views to the Bosphorus and the old city, and the event will follow the format that proved successful in Rome – a series of presentations and round table discussions interspersed with short presentations from sponsors of the event.

D&Ri will report more fully on the programme nearer to the event and the new EDA secretariat will very shortly be sending out booking documentation and a final programme for delegates to book their attendance.

The draft programme for the event indicates that the opening presentation will be on the results of the questionnaire on high reach equipment circulated at the Rome event in May, with other topics on the first day looking at safety, training and education at a European level. The second day will open with a roundtable discussion concerning the various bodies around Europe that can issue safety certification with a view to gaining an overview of the various different standards currently being applied in the EU.

As usual for the EDA, there will be a full social programme for partners attending the event, with an informal dinner on the 7th November at the Flower Market, and a gala dinner on the 8th. This will be held in the Binbirdirek Cistern, which features 1001 columns. The cistern was built by the order of Philoksenos, (a Senate member in the Constantinus I period of the 4th century) under the Lausus Palace and located between Sultanahmet and Beyazit, just across from the Adalet Sarayi (Justice Palace).

For those that have never experienced the architectural delights on offer in the city, on the afternoon of the 8th November a visit has been organised to the spectacular Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia (when entering the Blue Mosque, removal of shoes prior to stepping onto the carpets is a requirement, so beware holes in socks! On no account should shoes be put back on upon exit while standing on the carpeted area outside the doors).

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