EFCA report looks to future of consulting engineering

By Mike Hayes12 October 2022

The European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA) has released its Future Trends Report for 2022, highlighting the trends set to disrupt Europe’s consulting engineering industry between now and 2030.

The EFCA Future Trends Committee compiled the report, Seizing opportunities in times of disruption, jointly with the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management,

In the report, EFCA states that engineering consultancies are set to be transformed by digitisation, increased harmonisation and sustainability.

EFCA claims that, by 2030, engineering consultancies, along with the wider construction industry, will be increasingly digitised, sustainable, and harmonised.

The report suggests that green finance will fund sustainable infrastructure projects that will be planned and executed digitally.

It goes on to say that parametric design modelling tools, artificial intelligence, automation and digital twins will not only increase the efficiency of the construction process, but also improve safety, sustainability, and transparency.

As consulting engineers have roles as auditors, advisers, monitoring consultants and eco-designers of every infrastructure process, they play a critical role in the twin digital and green transitions.

The EFCA report suggests seismic events, such as climate change and the energy crisis, will call for innovative engineering solutions.

The report also offers insights into the opportunities for consulting engineers to successfully navigate what will be an increasingly disrupted world.

The Future Trends Report provides consulting engineers with strategic options to future-proof their companies.

Given that the value chain in construction is being shaken up, the EFCA report suggests consulting engineers should maximise their opportunities now, through innovative strategies, but also investment to reset the corporate culture, lead technologic advancement, overcome skills shortages and engage in cross-sectoral knowledge-sharing.

Read the full report here

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