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08 September 2014

Enerpac uses a hydraulic gantry to assist in the tailing of the lifting of two hydrocracker vessels

Enerpac uses a hydraulic gantry to assist in the tailing of the lifting of two hydrocracker vessels for Spectyazh, a petrochemical company in Russia. Each vessel weighed 1,306 tonnes and was 48 metres

Automation, synchronisation and more lifting capacity are just a few areas that are shaping the development of telescopic hydraulic gantry cranes. Laura Hatton investigates...

Telescopic hydraulic gantry systems offer an alternative lifting solution for end users, especially when working with difficult loads. The latest models have modular designs and offer extras, including skid tracks and header beams and electric power sources.
Safety is also influencing design, and manufacturers are looking at new automated technologies, for example automatic locking of boom sections and automated programmable logic control (PLC).

From US manufacturer Lift Systems, for example, is the Power Tower model 34PT6550WT. It has liquefied propane gas (LPG) engines on the power units and a patented integrated wedge lock system, which allows for automatic locking of the boom sections at any point during the lift. The model has a 650 ton (585 tonne) capacity at 8.3 m and a 550 ton (500 tonne) top stage capacity at 10.6 m. Standard track width is 1.22 m and it is designed to conform to CE and ASME B30.1:2009 standards.

Brian Wagner, Lift Systems vice president, says, “We approach every model and machine with an eye for modularity. Rigging Gear Sales, or their customers, will be able to add any of our optional features to this unit in the future such as our CARL Control System, or add the electric power option in the power units to allow for propane and electric power on the same machine.”

From manufacturer J&R Engineering is the new two stage Lift ‘n’ Lock model T2602-4-40. It has a first stage capacity of 1,300 tons (1,180 tonnes) with four lift housings (legs) to a lift height of 9 m. Second stage capacity is 870 tons (790 tonnes) with four lift housings to a lift height of 12 m. Features of the new model include a cam lock system, high strength telescopic booms, double acting cylinders, single internal lift cylinder, stabiliser bars, swivel header plates and two-speed load-sensing hydraulic piston pumps.

“This model will be equipped with the Lift Equalizer which features automated PLC controlled synchronisation of all movement for extend, retract, and propel; exact load indication, overload warning and operator override controls are also fitted. It is either wireless or CanBus pendant controlled and is very user friendly,” John McMahon, J&R Engineering vice president of sales and service, says.

Stable designs
The latest model from Riggers Manufacturing Company is the EZ600-40, a two-point hydraulic gantry system. The EZ600-40 has self-contained hydraulics. It is also electric and is available in 200, 380 and 460 volt, three-phase setups, the manufacturer says. The model uses a CARL control system to synchronise lifting and travelling. It has a 690 ton (625 tonne) first stage capacity and 250 ton (226 tonne) top stage capacity. Maximum lift height is 12.19 m and it has a standard 1.22 m track width. In addition, here is a load weight display and it is designed to conform to ASME B30.1:2009 and CE standards. The most recent model was sold to Atlas Industrial Contactors of Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Ben Forster, Riggers Manufacturing Company vice president, says, “We are excited about the launch of the EZ600-40. It builds upon the success of the EZ600-33 model as well as a stable design that has been fielded for over 30 years.”

The latest model of hydraulic gantry from manufacturer Enerpac is the SL400. The new model is designed to meet safety standard B30.1-2009 set by ASME. It has four legs and capacity ranges from 207 to 450 US tons (187 to 408 tonnes). Lift heights is 3 to 9 metres. In addition, it is self-propelled and can be operated locally at each leg or by using the Intellilift remote control. Options include skid tracks, header beams, powered side shift and lifting lugs.

“The SL400 is our highest capacity bare cylinder gantry, and our only bare cylinder gantry equipped with three-stage lifting cylinders,” a company spokesperson adds. “The gantry lifts to 9 m at the top of the third stage.”

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