Elebia auto safety hooks from Carl Stahl

By Sarah Ann McCay04 March 2012

The Elebia e5 is 65 cm high and weighs in at 35 kgs, the e10 comes to 72 cm and 40 kgs.

The Elebia e5 is 65 cm high and weighs in at 35 kgs, the e10 comes to 72 cm and 40 kgs.

Lifting equipment supplier Carl Stahl in Germany has added the Elebia e5 and e10 automatic safety hooks to its range.

The Elebia automatic hook system is designed to eliminate risks associated with attaching and removing a load hook at height or in other awkward positions.

The remote controlled device uses an electromagnet to align the load hook at a 90 degree angle to the lifting eye. The crane operator then closes the hook using a digital remote control. When the load has been placed the operator can release the hook from up to 100 metres away. It can be used for loads up to 10 tonnes.

It is battery-powered and needs no power cables, hydraulics or compressed air connections. The six cell lithium battery lasts up to three days depending on use, Carl Stahl said. More than 65,000 code combinations are available and each hook will only react to its assigned remote. A special programme also allows synchronised control of several hooks.

Carl Stahl is the exclusive distributor for the Elebia hook in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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