Electric scissor launch from Holland Lift

By Euan Youdale24 July 2014

Holland Lift's 27 m working height hybrid M-250HYL254WD/P/N, launched at APEX.

Holland Lift's 27 m working height hybrid M-250HYL254WD/P/N, launched at APEX.

Holland Lift will launch a 33 m working height full electric scissor in 2015.

The HL-330 will have a 1.2 m x 6.4 m wide platform, and a length of 6.4 m. The unit will have a transport size of 6.6 m x 1.4 m. It will also have a 2 m basket extension, a capacity of 600 kg and weigh 24 tonnes. Power will come from a 804 Ah (80 v). The company already as a fully electric machine, but it is 3 m wide.

There have already been a few sales from the basic specification, said Holland Lift.

It will follow the company’s most recent launch, the 27 m working height M-250HYL254WD/P/N at APEX. It is Holland Lift’s first hybrid machine. It has a 1000 kg capacity and can drive at full height and weighs 25 tonnes.

“We wanted a machine with which you can use electric and diesel at once – the machine is outside doing the main construction of a building then you can bring it inside, whereas before you would need another machine,” said Wim Roos, Holland Lift service manager. The machine is narrower at 2.5 m wide, rather than the previous standard width of 2.7 m.

The machine can be charged by the diesel motor and offers 80 Ah, which is enough for working one day. While working in hybrid mode the machine decides how much diesel or battery power is needed.

So far the company has sold up to 10 machines. “We’ve had so many questions about hybrid machines and a lot of them were bought before the customers had seen it. In the future all diesel machines will go hybrid, everyone wants a machine that work inside and outside,” added Mr Roos.

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