Electric tugs provide forklift alternative

By Christian Shelton01 September 2017

UK company MasterMover says its range of electric tugs provide a space-saving way to moving materials around compared to using a forklift truck. According to the company, the pedestrian-operated tugs can safely move objects up to 30,000 kg but take up much less space than a forklift.

MasterMover said its electric tugs can provide a safer way to move materials, as they do not pose the same level of crush industry risk as forklifts. This is partly due to increased visibility compared to a forklift and a shorter stopping distance, enforced by an effective braking system. In addition, an anti-crush button on the top of the tug activates when it presses into any object. MasterMover said this protects the tug’s operator from being crushed between the load and another object.

MasterMover said its electric tugs can pivot a load up to 180 degrees, making it easy to move heavy objects in tight spaces. The electric tugs also have an effective braking system, the company claims.



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