EN 13000 and the rated capacity limiter

09 May 2008

A revision to the rated capacity limiter element of the European EN 13000 standard for mobile cranes has met strong opposition from crane users, especially in the USA. In response, an alternative has been presented by at least one manufacturer.

For countries outside the European Union, with 75% or 85% load charts, Liebherr told IC that its cranes will continue to be delivered with a rated capacity limiter, as they are now, with the current functions. It should be noted, however, that these cranes will not get a CE-mark. In general, according to Liebherr, all cranes will get the data logging system that is part of the revision.

See www.khl.com for a more detailed explanation of the solution to the issue relating to the overload protection element of the European Standard EN 13000: 2004 Cranes – Mobile Cranes.

Details are from the Fédération Européenne de la Manutention (FEM) Cranes and Lifting Equipment product group. This group is an association of mobile crane manufacturers that has helped develop a proposal for a new safety concept regarding overload protection for mobile cranes.

The proposal is to replace the existing key that overrides all cut off functions of the rated capacity limiter with a set up button. This button will allow the crane to be rigged and de-rigged but, in operation, no override of the rated capacity limiter will be possible. “As such any misuse of the override key to increase capacities is avoided!• the FEM statement reads.

In deadlock situations it will be possible to raise the shut-off limit to 110% of the load chart by pressing the set up button to allow the crane to be returned to normal operation. Speed will be reduced to 15% of normal. If the RCL fails, a bypass will be provided outside the operator cab for emergency operation.

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