Enercon chooses Goldhofer

By Alex Dahm11 January 2019

Extended and loaded Goldhofer Ventum blade trailer

Extended and loaded Goldhofer Ventum blade trailer

German wind energy company Enercon has added six flatbed semitrailers from Goldhofer to its heavy haulage fleet.

The Ventum trailers are for transporting rotor blades more than 70 metres long. They have pendular axles and a five-section telescopic deck with a fully extended length, including the gooseneck, of 72 m. A rail-mounted BladeX lifter for the tip of the blade can also be specified.

“Transporting such long and large rotor blades reliably and delivering them just in time is an enormously challenging undertaking that Enercon can now handle on an intelligent and flexible basis. The new Goldhofer Ventum flatbed semitrailers enable us to master all the challenges of long-distance journeys with these exceptional loads,” said Hans-Dieter Kettwig and Simon-Hermann Wobben, Enercon managing directors.

Ventum was the first five-fold extendible semi-trailer on the market, Goldhofer said. Its pendular axles are designed to allow “fast and safe passage over bridges and round tight bends and roundabouts as well as easy manoeuvring on confined construction sites,” Goldhofer said.

The hydraulic gooseneck can be lowered so rotor blades with large hubs can negotiate tunnels and underpasses.

Loading height is 1,250 mm and the pendular axles have a suspension stroke of +/-300 mm. For extra ground clearance two support legs facilitate extension and retraction of telescopic tubes which mean the deck behind the gooseneck can be extended from 13.5 m for empty running to more than 68 m.

Its adjustable steering lets the vehicle be driven at its 13.5 m basic length without a second person in the cab. Rainer Auerbacher, Goldhofer board member and head of transport technology, commented, “With a steering angle of up to 60 degrees and the user-friendly SmartControl remote control system, Goldhofer provides outstanding support for drivers in their task of safely transporting loads of this enormous size to their final destination.”


Fully extended five stage Goldhofer Ventum trailer for Enercon



Günther Vogel, Goldhofer area sales manager (centre right) shaking hands on the first Ventum with Enercon's Uwe Ringering and his team

Günther Vogel, Goldhofer area sales manager (centre right) shaking hands on the first Goldhofer Ventum with Enercon’s Uwe Ringering and his team

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