Energy Solutions claims 30-40% fuel savings with hybrid power

By Sarah Ann McCay10 October 2013

ES Site Power is available in three power capacities

ES Site Power is available in three power capacities

UK temporary power company Energy Solutions has launched a hybrid product system, ES Site Power, that it claimed can reduce fuel use by 30-40% and cut genset running hours by a third.

A generator on a construction site will often have heavy demand during the day, but may only be required to power a small security cabin at night. This drop in load uses unnecessary fuel and adds run time hours to the unit.

ES Site Power is a hybrid battery power solution that connects to the generator either directly or via a local distribution board. The overnight requirements (or maintained circuits) connect directly to the Site Power unit.

During the day the generator feeds the Site Power unit, charging the batteries and feeding the maintained circuits. At night, the generator can be turned off and the Site Power unit continues to provide energy silently and without emissions.

Energy Solutions' managing director, Paul Holland, said fuel savings of 30 to 40% have been found, with genset running hours reduced by a third; "With figures like these we know the product will be highly beneficial to generator hire companies hoping to maintain a point of difference in the marketplace whilst helping their clients reduce carbon emissions.

"They will see a reduction in runtimes over the same rental period; which will in turn reduce their servicing costs, increase the generator's lifespan and give a greater return on investment. We also see huge benefits for owners of generators that wish to extend the life span of these high investment items, reduce fuel costs and deliver silent power.”

ES Site Power is available in three power capacities all with the option of sealed maintenance-free gel batteries. Site Power can also be customised with accessories that guard against cold weather conditions.

Energy Solutions is just one of several companies to have developed hybrid power systems for the generator market, with others including Off-Grid Energy, Firefly and Bredenoord. Bredenoord is the Netherlands-based rental company.

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