Epiroc collaborates with ispace to contribute technology solutions for Moon missions

By Andy Brown04 April 2023

Image of the moon Epiroc has signed an agreement with ispace and its Luxembourg-based subsidiary ispace EUROPE S.A.

Mining and infrastructure company Epiroc has signed a long-term collaboration agreement with ispace that will involve Epiroc contributing technology and solutions for commercial Moon missions.

The company ispace is a global lunar resource development company with a long-term vision of supporting human life by providing lunar transportation and gaining a better understanding of the Moon’s environment and available resources.

Initially, ispace will explore the lunar surface and collect relevant data of the Moon; as part of that effort ispace and Epiroc are partnering to develop technology and commercial solutions to be used as early as 2024.  

“Epiroc is very excited to collaborate with ispace to develop and provide technology and solutions together to begin exploring the Moon’s surface with the ultimate goal of supporting and expanding human life in a sustainable way,” says Helena Hedblom, Epiroc’s President and CEO. “We look forward to our continued collaboration to make the mission successful.”  

Epiroc signed the agreement with ispace and its Luxembourg-based subsidiary ispace EUROPE S.A.

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