Equipment, not people

11 April 2008

SPEEDY HIRE IN THE UK THINKS CONTRACTORS ARE TOO FOCUSED ON RECRUITING new staff when their workload goes up, rather than looking at ways to make the existing workforce more productive.

Speedy says it recognises that training new workers is important, but thinks more can be done to encourage contractors to adopt modern working techniques and innovative labour-saving tools.

Claudio Veritiero, recently promoted to the post of chief operating officer of Speedy, says UK construction output is predicted to see double-digit growth between now and 2011. “No one can deny there's a need for new entrants into the sector and we're fully supportive of the work that organisations such as ConstructionSkills are doing. There are numerous factors that affect the shortage of supply and it's important that the different solutions that exist work hand in hand.

“Some contractors have made huge strides in the way they work in recent years, as have tool manufacturers. There are a significant number of labour saving tools coming on to the market at the moment and it's important that contractors large and small are encouraged to use them more.”

We will continue to work closely with the industry to develop products that can significantly enhance productivity levels, but it's important that the pace of change picks up, said Mr Veritiero.

ConstructionSkills announced earlier this year that to keep pace with a predicted +11% growth over the next five years, 87600 new recruits will be required each year in the UK's construction sector.

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