ERA Convention in less than 30 days!

By ERA17 April 2019

The ERA Convention will be held on 15 and 16 May 2019 at the Hotel Melia Castilla, in Madrid. Its topic will be “Rental: A Sharing Economy”.

The ERA expects about 320 attendees, including rental companies’ CEOs and Directors, equipment manufacturers, and other industry service providers, mostly from Europe but also from other continents.


The Plenary Session will give the ERA the opportunity to report on its ‘Carbon Footprint of Construction Equipment’ project. The rental industry is based on a circular business model. As such, rental companies contribute to the transformation towards a more circular economy. By optimising the utilisation rate of equipment, stopping appliances from remaining unused, limiting storage space required, and minimising waste and material usage by recycling when possible, the sector likely contributes significantly to carbon reduction. This contribution, however, has not been comprehensively mapped and quantified. This project aims to fill that void.

This project is managed by Climate Neutral Group, Benelux market leader in the field of emission reduction and carbon offsetting. Climate Neutral Group is assisted by SGS Search, for the LCAs (Life Cycle Assessments) and by CE Delft, an independent research and consultancy organisation specialised in developing innovative solutions to environmental problems.

To register, and to get more information on the programme, please consult the ERA website, We remind you that members of national rental associations benefit from the ERA member rates.

For more information, please send an email to the ERA team,

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