Euro entry

24 April 2008

Slovenia’s Adoption of the Euro on 1 January 2007 is expected to help attract foreign companies into the country and boost investment. The Euro, which will replace the current Tollar currency over a two week period, will be Slovenia’s fourth currency since it split from Yugoslavia’s Dinar in 1991.

As part of its entry into the Euro, Slovenia has worked to harmonise its legislation with EU law, which combined with the lower currency risk, is expected boost involvement of foreign companies and overseas investment in the country’s SIT 477 billion (€ 1,99 billion) construction sector.

According to the European Commission, Slovenia has achieved a high degree economic and political stability.

“Slovenia has met all the convergence criteria, an achievement which results from a track record of stability orientated policies and reforms,” said economic and monetary affairs commissioner Joaquin Almunia.

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