Europe’s construction output continues to fall

21 September 2012

July became the seventh consecutive month in which a year-on-year decline in Europe's construction output was measured, driven by large decreases in Slovenia, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

Compared with July 2011, production in July 2012 dropped 4.7% in the Eurozone and 6.1% among member states (EU27), according to the latest data from Eurostat.

The largest year-on-year decreases were registered in Slovenia (18.3%), Portugal (18.2%), Spain (16.1%) and Italy (14.2%). The largest increases were seen in Hungary (7.7%), Bulgaria (3%) and Germany (2.2%).

In terms of sectors, building construction output declined 4.6% in the Eurozone and 5.4% in the EU27 in July 2012, compared to July 2011. Civil engineering output decreased 3.3% in the Eurozone and 8% in the EU27.

A month-on-month comparison, comparing June to July this year, also showed falling construction output in Europe - seasonally adjusted production fell 0.3% in the Eurozone and 0.2% in the EU27 over the period.

The largest month-on-month decreases were registered in Italy (2.2%), Spain (2.1%) and Sweden (1.1%), and the highest increases in Hungary (8.7%), Germany (1.9%), Bulgaria and the Czech Republic (both+1.6%).

Building construction dropped 0.8% in both the Eurozone and the EU27 in July, compared with June. Civil engineering output, however, increased 1.1% in the Eurozone and 0.7% in the EU27.

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