EWPA launches new operator licence

12 August 2013

Australia's Elevating Work Platform Association (EWPA) has officially launched the EWP (Elevating Work Platform) Operator Licence.

It updates the former EWPA Yellow Card training initiative, and features a photograph of the operator, similar to a drivers’ licence.

According to James Oxenham, national operations director for EWPA, the new licence offers better quality control and provides a measure to ensure all accreditation is proven; and the holder of the card is the trained operator.

“The EWP Operator Licence now offers a pathway for participants who have successfully completed training to gain a nationally recognised unit of competence. It meets and exceeds the Unit of Competence (UoC) requirement, meeting industry and national standards, as well as training standards.”

Mr Oxeham added, “In-built to the new training and licencing system is the ability to check the accreditation of the licence holder on the EWPA webpage, so site supervisors can log in to double check the validity of any licence holder.”

Some sectors, including mining and other resources sector, had not recognised the EWPA Yellow Card as appropriate training as it was not nationally recognised, despite meeting Operational Health and Safety and Workplace Health and Safety requirements relating to employer responsibilities.

Developing the new training program around the new UoC: RIIHAN301B-Operate Elevating Work Platforms, and bringing all former Yellow Card trainers up to date was a priority.

“Recreating our Yellow Card programme to fit into national training programs means, as an industry, we gain training credibility, while our trained members will now have the option to gain a Statement of Attainment which builds on their life-long learning achievements,” Mr Oxenham added.

“Essentially we have added more content to the UoC because we are driven by industry and are aware of what industry considers necessary for safe operation of an EWP. For example: the adopted UoC did not clearly mention the potential for overhead crush injury or offer awareness and prevention training but this has now been addressed (along with other materials) to the new Yellow Card UoC. As an industry, the EWPA is aware of the potential for grievous harm as a result of overhead crushing while operating an EWP. It is vital we train our operators well and also share our knowledge so other industries are made aware of the potential for harm,” Mr Oxenham concluded.

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