Executive Hire firsts for low level access

17 February 2009

New from UK manufacturer Eazzi Access are the Eazzi-Lift mini and midi, scissors.

New from UK manufacturer Eazzi Access are the Eazzi-Lift mini and midi, scissors.

The UK Executive Hire Show was host to a number of interesting developments, particularly in the field of low level access.

Making their first appearances were Youngman's BoSS X3 mini-scissor: R2 Access' Eazzi-Lift mini-scissor and the Nano vertical mast lift from Power Towers Ltd. PopUp was showing the first of a range of attachments for its PopUp and PopUp + mini-scissors which were designed in response to customer feedback.

The BoSS X3 is a compact, push-around battery powered scissor with a 4.55 m working height, designed to be rugged enough to withstand the rigors of the rental market. Phil Higgs, major account manager and training manager at Youngman, said that the design of the BoSS X3 was based on that of larger industrial scissors with the associated safety devises.

Said to be similar in price to PopUp mini-scissors the BoSS X3 is also made in China. Mr Higgs said that the scissor stack on the BoSS X3 has more rigidity but is lighter so more weight has been put in the base, increasing stability and removing the need for stabilisers.

The machines have already found a market among the finishing trades, maintenance and utilities users. "We have sold all the machines from the first container [from China]," said Mr Higgs. "We are now on to the second container and have two more ordered." The BoSS X3 will shortly be exhibited in the Middle East where Youngman's existing distributor is very excited about the potential of the market.

The Eazzi-Lift mini and midi models have 3.8 m and 4.5 m working heights, weigh 164 kg and 210 kg respectively and are designed to fit through a standard door. The breaking system has been devised to lock all four wheels when the equipment is in use to prevent the dangerous practice adopted by some users of moving the scissor by hauling themselves along the ceiling. Another safety feature is, that the entrance to the platform has no raised edges which might present a trip hazard.

The Eazzi-Lift mini and midi models are manufactured in the UK by Eazzi-Access based in Washington and R2 Access Platforms has the distribution rights for the UK and Ireland. Russell Rowley of R2 Access Platforms has set up a dealer network and said that he expects to sell 120 machines/month across the UK and Ireland beginning in April when production quantities of the machines become available. Eazzi Access anticipates rolling out a suite of access products designed for specific applications.

The Nano vertical mast lift joins the Power Tower in the range of low level access products manufactured by CTE UK and sold through the company Power Towers. Nano comes in two sizes: 3.8 m and 4.55 m working heights with 1000 mm by 700mm platform dimensions designed to give the operator more room to work.

PopUp has been putting its efforts into a range of accessories for the PopUp and PopUp+ scissors which respond to feedback from customers.

The confined space handrail is ideal for working inside suspended ceilings. The standard rail has been reduced in size to allow the cage and a single operator to access the void above a ceiling through a standard 600 by 600mm ceiling grid.

Another addition is the wall saving buffers which can be fitted to the PopUps. These prevent damage to freshly finished walls, necessary since the PopUps are increasing used by finishing trades and are some of the last pieces of equipment to leave the site. PopUp has more accessories in the pipeline.

Other news from the show came from Faraone dealer, Kermco and from Hanix. Faraone has just launched a new self propelled vertical mast machine in Milan. The PKS65 is a self propelled version of the PK60 it offers a 6.5 m working height and is for indoor use. Hanix was showing the HA09ZA, a 9 m sigma boom machine, manufactured by Nagano in Japan. This was the first time the machine had been seen branded in the Hanix livery and attracted plenty of attention from visitors as they entered the exhibition halls.

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