Exhibitor list

25 April 2008

New from Ascorel are the MC320 safe load indicator and the MC600 anti collision system

New from Ascorel are the MC320 safe load indicator and the MC600 anti collision system

3B6 Hall 5A, J 088

Italian designer, developer and manufacturer of operator assistance devices.

AED Hall 6, B 001

Associated Equipment Distributors is a US-based international trade association representing 1,200 construction equipment distributors, manufacturers and industry-service firms.

AEM Hall 5A, K 045

Association of Equipment Manufacturers is an international organisation based in the US for companies that manufacture products and offer other services in construction, mining, forestry, utility, etc. industries.

AGS Area E6, E 070

New products on show from this French manufacturer of crane safety systems include an anemometer, obstruction lighting equipment, and an anti-collision system. Designed to withstand repeated mounting and removal, the AN3 anemometer has a solid state sensor and a life time warranty.

The SF3 obstruction lighting comes as a kit that includes everything needed to install red warning beacons on the top of tower cranes. The beacon has LEDs for low power consumption, a battery that gives up to 72 hours of backup power if the mains supply fails, and all cabling is included.

Also new is the AC3 anti-collision system for tower cranes. The encoder for jib position has a gear that meshes directly with the teeth of the slew ring and the system is universal in that it can be fitted to all tower cranes, AGS says. For set up the number of slew ring teeth is entered via a dipswitch on the end of the encoder and, the company says, a computer is not needed to programme the system.

Allison Transmission Hall 6, Q 110

Transmissions for heavy duty vehicles on- and off-road.

American Crane and Tractor Parts Hall 6, N 030

New, used and rebuilt replacement parts and components for Caterpillar equipment.

ANMOPyC Hall 5A, F 002

The Spanish manufacturers association of construction and mining equipment is organizing the Spanish Pavilion where 23 member companies will present their wares over 3,300 m2of exhibition space. ANMOPyC has 87 member companies employing 8,700 people and turning over a total of around €1.5 billion. Members are divided into seven sectors, one of which is for construction lifting, transport and handling equipment manufacturers.

Ascorel Hall 5A, G 088

French safety system manufacturer Ascorel, now under new ownership, is introducing a range of products that includes the MC320 safe load indicator for mobile cranes and the MC600 anti collision system for tower cranes. The SLI is designed to be simple, easy to use and low cost. It is for OEM and retrofit applications and calculates the crane's safety status from the actual load and the machine's configuration. The anti-collision system can manage up to 16 tower cranes with overlapping working areas or it can simply be used to prevent one crane from oversailing a neighbouring site or otherwise forbidden areas.

Autec Hall 5A, K 104

Visitors will be able to see the full range of radio remote controls, including the latest developments of the Modular series. The award-winning MJ joystick system is now available with a new programmable receiver, making it suitable for applications that include construction cranes, concrete mixers and vibrators.

Böcker Area E5, B 039

Mobile cranes and equipment to lift personnel and construction materials.

Bonfiglioli Hall 5B, J 030

Hydraulic speed reducers and gear motors, wheel drives, travel drives, track drive gear motors, swing drives, winch drives for mobile applications as well as gearboxes, gearmotors, variators, multi-purpose planetary gearboxes, electric motors and inverters for industrial applications.

Bridgestone Firestone Hall 6, H 071

Tyres and rubber tracks.

Brigade Electronics Hall 5A, H 078

Mobile crane safety systems including reverse warning alarm and vision systems.

Bucher Hydraulics Hall 5A, L 083

Mobile hydraulic systems.

Cams Industriale Hall 5B, M 028

Bencini industrial cranes.

Carlo Raimondi Fuspa Area E6, G 030

Raimondi tower cranes.

Casagrande Area E5, B 050

Heavy duty hydraulic crawler cranes and machines for foundation work.

Casappa Hall 5A, F 018

Hydraulic pumps and other components.

Caterpillar OEM Hall 5B, J 001

Engines, power train components, tracked undercarriages and hydraulics.

CEA Hall 6, J 025

Construction Equipment Association is a UK trade association representing construction equipment manufacturers, their component and accessory suppliers and service providers.

CISMA Hall 6, C 021

French trade association of equipment manufacturers.

Cummins Hall 5B, K 030

Engines for Tier 3 and Stage IIIA emissions regulations are highlighted by Cummins. On show will be the new seven-model generation of the Quantum series, with models that meet the new legislation from the 82 to 127 kW QSB through to the 377 to 522 kW QSK19. As with most engine manufacturers, electronic control, common rail fuel injection and optimised fuel combustion are key to reducing emissions.

Dana Hall 5B, M 030

Transmission and power train systems and components.

Datek Hall 5A, K 090

Radio remote control systems.

Deutz Hall 5B, M 028

Small engines are emphasised with the introduction of the Tier 3/Stage IIIA 2008 and 2009 series in the 9 to 53 kW output range. The 2008 Series is three and four cylinder naturally aspirated units in the 9 to 27 kW range. The 15 to 53 kW 2009 series are also naturally aspirated three and four cylinder designs, and there is a turbocharged version of the four cylinder model.

The new engines are for construction equipment and to power pumps and generators. Deutz claims that they offer good dry running characteristics and are suitable for extremely inclined operation, with a good cold start capability under even the most extreme climatic conditions.

Dinamic Oil Hall 5A, G 048

Components for slewing, lifting and pulling.

Dynaset Area E5, J 051

Finnish company Dynaset will show its new PVSAE and LSV ranges of valve assemblies that couple its generators to the hydraulic power circuit of construction equipment to provide site electrical power. It is also exhibiting the new H series of hydraulic generators, which provide regulated, 50 or 60 Hz power at 115, 230, and 400 V.

EIA Electronics Hall 5A, G 024

On show will be the TRC810 wireless communication and condition monitoring system for mobile machinery. The communication device with integrated GPS can be installed on new vehicles that have the latest electronics or on old machines that do not have any. Fleet owners can monitor remotely a range of parameters and use the results to automatically invoice equipment end users or rental customers, for example, according to usage. Maintenance can also be planned using onboard diagnostics.

Europower Generators Hall 5B, L 028

On offer is a 7 to 40 kVA range of generators with Kubota watercooled diesel engines. Recently introduced are the 33 kVA EPS33TDE and 40 kVA EPS40TDE. A priority at the design stage was user-friendliness and this was translated into easy accessibility for maintenance, a lifting eye and a straightforward control panel, the company says. Reducing noise was another important consideration.

Ferrari International 2 Area E5, C 060

Hydraulic accessories, personnel baskets, forks, rotators, winches, outrigger systems and mats

Goodyear Hall 5A, J 041

Tyres, tracks and hoses.

GP Mat International Area E6, G 030

Raimondi tower cranes.

Grove Area E6, B 060

See Manitowoc Crane Group

Hatz-Diesel Hall 5B, K 028

Air- and liquid-cooled engines.

Haulotte Area E5, J 002

The Easy Crane series of telescopic self propelled site cranes.

HCSS Hall 5A, L 053

Software for fleet management and construction job estimation.

Hetronic Hall 5A, G 088

The latest from this manufacturer of radio remote control systems can be seen on the Ascorel stand. The all-digital BMS-2 can have up to eight proportional and 12 on/off outputs. The outputs are programmable from a laptop computer for a range of applications. A graphical display communicates function status and system diagnostic codes. The BMS-2 is suitable for OEM applications such as on loader cranes, concrete pumps and other truck mounted equipment.

Hitachi Sumitomo Area E6, D 050

A pair of new lattice boom crawler cranes for the European market will be on show. The SCX2800-2 is a 275 tonner and the SCX800 HD-2 is an 80 tonne capacity heavy duty model. The 275 tonner succeeds the SCX2500 and is designed for easy self assembly and transport – maximum component weight is 45 tonnes and maximum width is 3 m. The 80 tonner can be used for clamshell applications and has a 196 kN (20 tonne) line pull winch. Changes for Europe include the cabin layout with different types of operating levers.

Hydraforce Hydraulics Hall 6, H 021

Hydraulic valves and electrohydraulic control systems.

Imet Hall 5A, K 080

Radio remote controls.

InterControl Hall 5A, B 009

Making its debut will be the digsy Compact F-series electronic control and monitoring system for cranes. Technical developments mean the new system's reaction time is four times faster than the established digsy Compact series, claims Joachim Stratmann, sales manager in Intercontrol's electronics division.

Changes include doubling the CPU speed, widening the data bus, expanding the memory and adding a second CANbus and RS-232 interface. For calculating trigonometric functions the reaction time is 50x faster, making the product ideal, Stratmann said, for applications that need load limiting or tip over protection functions in conjunction with variable outrigger spread.


Come and meet the IC team. We look forward to seeing as many readers as possible.

International Transmissions Hall 5B, L 040

Drive train components and systems.

JLG Area E5, E 001

On show from this US manufacturer will be a special compact version of the 266 telescopic handler called Lo-Pro 266. It will be less than 2 m high, compared to the 2.2 m height of the standard model.

KAB Seating Hall 5A, H 010

Seats for operator cabs.

Kato Works Hall 5A, C 060

Mobile cranes.

KHL Group Hall 6, D 002

As the largest provider of construction information, KHL has eight magazines, two exhibitions, digital magazines, internet, e-casting, contract publishing, direct mail, research, directories, books, videos, and living magazines. Products include: International Cranes and Specialized Transport, American Cranes & Transport, International Construction, International Rental News, Demolition and Recycling International, Access International, Construction Europe, International Construction China, Apex, Rentex and 360 degree marketing services.

Kobelco Cranes Europe Area E6, B 070

Of the four lattice boom crawler cranes on show, the star will be the new 250 tonne capacity CKE2500-2. The new model is successor to what the manufacturer claims is the world's best selling 250 tonner, the CKE2500 (more than 220 units sold in the last five years).

The CKE2500-2 on show will be in the colours of Dutch international rental and sales company PVE Cranes & Services, which will use the crane mounted on a pontoon for coastal breakwater construction and dredging services.

Also on show will be the 135 tonne capacity CKE1350 lattice crawler, sold to UK rental house JH Johnson Crane Hire, an 80 tonne capacity BME800HD heavy duty foundation crawler sold to Spanish contractor Silsoil, and a 60 tonne CKE600 lattice crawler sold to Scottish rental house, Weldex.

KOCEMA Hall 5A, K 070

Korean association of construction equipment manufacturers.

Kramer Hall 6, K 070

Telescopic handlers have been added to its portfolio thanks to a partnership with Claas. The range will eventually extend from 6 to 17 m, but the first two models available have 6 and 7 m lift heights.

Leica Geosystems Hall 5A, E 081

Laser measurement and surveying equipment.

Liebherr Area E6, A 050

New in the LTM series of wheeled telescopic mobile cranes are the LTM 1040-2.1 and the five axle LTM 1160-5.1. Both cranes have Liebherr engines to meet Tier 3 and Stage IIIA emission regulations. Liebherr claims the 40 tonner is the most powerful two axle crane on the market. The LTM 1040-2.1 has a four section 35 m boom and the addition of the 9.5 m folding fly jib gives a maximum lifting height of 45 m and maximum working radius of 39 m.

The 160 tonner has a 62 m, six section (including the base section) telescopic main boom, which is 6 m longer than on its predecessor, the LTM 1150-5.1. Lifting capacity is up to 30% higher in some parts of the chart, Liebherr claims. Adding the 7 m lattice extension, 12.2 to 22 m folding fly jib and two 7 m intermediate sections gives a maximum tip height of 93 m.

Also making its debut is a new modular range of flat top tower cranes. The 13 new models of the EC-B series are rated between 50 and 280 tonne-metres. Maximum loads are 5 to 12 tonnes and jib lengths are up to 75 m. Key to the design is short erection times and all components fit into standard containers. The tower head has integral hoisting and slewing gear, slew ring support, electrical cabinet and operator cabin. On the 71 EC-B 5, the pre-assembled head is 2.5 m high and weighs 3.3 tonnes, which means it can be transported upright and installed in one piece.

For faster erection the jib and counter jib can be assembled on the ground and lifted in one piece. The counter jib of the 71 EC-B 5 weighs 2.1 tonnes. Folding handrails and fastening pins held in magazines also help speed up erection.

The cabin and tower sections are compatible across the range and jib sections can be used on different models. The EC-B series can also be operated without a cabin by remote control.

On show from the crawler range is the new 100 tonne capacity LTR 1100 with telescopic boom. In addition, Liebherr-Werk Nenzing plans to show the new HS 835 HD, a 50 tonne duty cycle machine with 270 kW diesel engine, displayed with 17 m of main boom and 2.75 cubic yard dragline bucket. The HS 835 HD replaces the HS 833 HD in the six-model range of duty cycle crawlers. It will be available with a light boom for lifting and a heavy boom for duty cycle applications.

Lincoln Hall 4, L 060

Lubrication equipment including centralised lubrication systems that automatically direct grease to lubrication points.

Mait Area E5, B 041

Crawler cranes and groundwork machines.

Manitou Area E5, K 002

Unveiled will be the new MRT 3050 rotating telehandler that will be available from the end of 2006. Lift height is 30 m and up to 5 tonnes can be lifted using a fork attachment. Different attachments mean the MRT 3050 can be used as a crane, for materials handling or as a lift platform. Use of a hanging 3D platform means a maximum working height of 40 m and the machine can also be controlled remotely. The pentagonal boom is designed to increase rigidity and ensure that each telescopic element is centred for locking.

An upgraded version of the Buggiscopic telehandler will be on display for the first time. Changes to the Buggiscopic Evolution include new drive train, a new 38 kW Perkins engine with 25% more power and a new more ergonomically designed control lever. The two Evolution models are the 2 tonne BT 420 with a fast fit carriage for multi-functionality and the 2.5 tonne BT 425, which has an industrial carriage for higher capacity. Both offer 1.5 m outreach at a height of 4 m and are less than 1.5 m wide.

Also new will be the three-model MT 14 telescopic handler range, which replaces the Maniscopic MT 13 series. All three will lift to 13.6 m and extend a pallet up to 9.5 m forward of the wheels. A double cross-gate lever allows the operator to control all movements with one hand. The MT 1435 SL and MT 1440 SLT have torque converter transmissions and lifting capacities of 3.5 and 4 tonnes, respectively.

Manitowoc Crane Group Area E6, B 060

At its largest Intermat showing to date (2,025 m2), MCG will show 11 products from the ranges of Grove mobiles, Manitowoc crawlers and Potain tower cranes. Of the total, seven machines are making their European trade show debuts. Also represented will be Manitowoc Crane Care customer service and the Crane Credit financing business.

From the crawler line Manitowoc will display the Model 16000 for the first time outside the US. Maximum lifting capacity is 400 tonnes and the maximum radius on heavy-lift main boom is 96 m. The maximum main boom and luffing jib combination length is 132 m, using an optional 84 m luffing jib. A popular feature is the optional 95 tonne capacity, pin-on jib designed for wind turbine erection and similar applications.

The three new Grove all-terrains are the GMK2035E, GMK4080-1 (GMK4100 in the US), and GMK5220 (GMK5275 in the US). Largest of the new models is the 220 tonne five axle GMK5220. It has a 68 m seven section Megaform profile boom. New in the four-axle category is the 80 tonne capacity GMK4080-1 with six section 51 m boom. It lifts 6.6 tonnes, with the boom fully extended, out to a radius of 20 m.

The third new AT is the two axle 35 tonne capacity GMK2035E, a version of the GMK2035. It has the same capacity rating and 29 m boom but instead of the Megatrak suspension it has rigid axles and hydrogas springing. Another difference is that it has a manually offset jib while the hydraulically luffing version is available as an option.

From the rough terrain range visitors will be able to see the 30 tonne capacity RT530E built in Niella Tanaro, Italy. The full power boom extends to 29 m and maximum tip height is 31.2 m. A 7.9 m swingaway or a 7.9 to 13.7 m telescopic swingaway can be fitted.

Potain is showing two top-slewing tower cranes, the MD 238A from the Topkit MD range and the MDT 98 from the MDT City range. The MD 238A is available in two versions, the 10 tonne maximum capacity J10, and the 12 tonne J12. Maximum jib length is 67.5 m where the J10 lifts 2.2 tonnes and the J12 2.15 tonnes. Options on the K-type mast are 1.6 x 1.6 m or 2 x 2 m, in lengths of 3.3, 5 or 10 m.

The MDT 98, introduced about a year ago has a maximum capacity of 6 tonnes and maximum jib length is 55 m where the tip load is 1.2 tonnes. The two mast options are 1.2 x 1.2 m or 1.6 x 1.6 m and the crane can be operated remotely or from a cab. Erection typically takes less than a day and can be less than seven hours, Manitowoc says.

Of the three self erecting Igo models on show, the Igo 11 and Igo 22 are new while the Igo 50 is an existing model and the largest in the series. Also new are the Dialog Wind Igo and Top Zone operating technologies. The Igo 22 has either a 26 m or a 28 m jib with 1 tonne and 850 kg capacity, respectively, at maximum radius. Maximum capacity of the Igo 11 is 1.3 tonnes, capcity at the end of its 18 m jib is 650 kg and maximum height under hook is 16 m. As on other Igo models the Igo 11 has an LVF Optima hoisting winch with a low creep speed for precise load positioning.

Potain's Dialog Wing Igo and Top Zone are available on all Igo models from the Igo 12 and above. Dialog Wind Igo monitors wind speed and sounds a pre- alarm if it increases above 50 km/h and a fixed alarm above 72 km/h. Top Zone, is an optional work area limitation function for the remote control.

Mantovanibenne Hall 6, K 088

Grabs, grapples and clamps.

Marine Travelift Inc & Shuttlelift Area E6, D 075

Carrydeck telescoping boom cranes for industrial applications, rubber tyred gantry cranes and boat hoists.

Mascus Area E5, H 050

This Finnish company offers a web-based marketplace for used equipment, about 25% of which is construction. The company claims that 136,000 machines have sold over its site and that descriptions of 1,000 items a month are added to the site, which is available in 16 languages. Buyers and sellers can agree purchase terms online and arrange financing and transportation. Also offered are translation and equipment sales services for other online equipment sellers. Intermat visitors will be able to compete in feats of strength against Aneta Florczyk, the 2005 World's Strongest Woman.

Mercedes Benz Area E6, F 050

Trucks, engines, transmissions and drive train systems.

Merlo Area E5, C 001

Multipurpose telescopic handlers.

Méthocad Hall 5A, D 059

Visitors will be able to see demonstrations of the Méthocad suite of job planning software from Progistik in France. Modules available include site layout, tower cranes, formwork and safety. The integrated system, now three-dimensional and animated, is built on Autocad and Microsoft and offers a way to help site safety and reduce costs. A library of details for more than 3,500 pieces of construction equipment has been developed in conjunction with the machinery manufacturers.

Michelin Hall 5B, G 040


Motec Hall 6, J 109

Highlighted will be a new camera enclosure claimed to be smaller, cheaper and more robust than earlier versions. The camera is an essential component in the company's offer of remote, cable and wireless viewing for operators of cranes and other equipment, up to 70% of which are sales to OEMs. Also on dispaly will be inclination measurement systems for cranes and access equipment.

MTU Detroit Diesel / Friedrichshafen Hall 5B, J 040

New from this engine manufacturer is that the Series 500, 900 and 460 engines are Tier 3 and Stage IIIA compliant. To achieve it involved analytical simulation and test methods and field trials. In addition, the camshaft, fuel injection and electronics were modified. These engines do not have exhaust re-circulation, exhaust cooling or exhaust after treatment. The 460 is a straight six series in the 220 to 360 kW output range. Other engines on show include the 47 to 70 kW type 4R 700C and the 220 to 240 kW type 6R 926.

Multi Wing Hall 5B, N 041

Engine cooling fans.

NBB Hall 5A, G 120

Radio remote controls and hydraulic actuators.

Nicolas Industrie Area E6, E 040

Specialized trailers, transport systems and tractors.

Nooteboom Hall 6, H 111

Specialized trailers and transport systems.

Olaer Hall 5B, H 030

French company Olaer Industries is exhibiting two new applications for its oil coolers; ones incorporating speed control for hydraulically- and electrically-driven fans, used to maintain constant temperature. The company also manufactures accumulators and distributes other components of construction equipment hydraulic systems.

OMES Hall 5A, C 051

Electrical systems for mobile equipment.

Omnex Control Systems Hall 5A, K 056

Radio remote controls.

Panolin Hall 3, C 041

French company Panolin's new products are biodegradable lubricants and hydraulic oils that bear the European Eco logo. The products contain 50% vegetable oils, and the company claims that many provide superior service lives as well environmental benefits. It has been supplying lubricants for 20 years through dealers in Europe, Korea, China, and Australia.

Parker Hannifin Hall 6, J 119

Motion control technology.

Perkins Engine Company Hall 5B, J 002

On show will be the 400 Series Tier 3/Stage IIIA engines in power ratings up to 50 kW. Engines of this size are not affected by the new engine emission regulations until 2008 but Perkins says it is keen to demonstrate that it is ahead in engine development for compact equipment to allow manufacturers to develop new products well ahead of the implementation date of the legislation.

Phoenix International Hall 5A, K 051

Automatic control systems.

Potain Area E6, B 060

See under Manitowoc Crane Group.

Probst Area E5, F 040

Clamps, tongs, grapples, grabs, vacuum lifting devices and handling systems.

Progistik Hall 5A, D 059

See under Méthocad.

Radio Remote Control Hall 5A, K 104

For all types of equipment.

Raimondi Area E6, G 030

Tower cranes.

Regie France Hall 6, B 002

Irium Group is three recently merged French software companies – Regie, Mai, and Batinix – that offers enterprise resource planning software for dealers, distributors, and renters of construction equipment. The product links to manufacturer databases, integrates with mobile data access devices, and is available in six languages, including Chinese and Japanese.

Reggiana Riduttori Hall 5B, M 049

Reduction gearbox and drive component manufacturer.

Ritchie Bros Hall 6, C 010

On the back of strong financial figures for 2005, the international auction house will use Intermat to promote the launch of SVV Ritchie Bros France SAS, the company's new French operation. Details of the first unreserved auction to be held in France will be announced during or after the show.

Rozzi Hall 6, Q 111

Manufacturer of grabs and grapples.

Sear Hall 5A, F 038

This seat manufacturer has been working for 15 years on ways to reduce vibration and its effects. It will show two operator seats that measure and actively dampen vibration. The VES, for OEM applications, reduces vibration up to 90%, and the VRS, for retrofit and priced at about €830, reduces vibration up to 70%, the manufacturer claims.

Sear is also launching the VMS vibration monitoring system, for OEM or retrofit applications, which measures and records the vibration exposure of individual equipment operators. Visitors to its stand can compare damped and un-damped equipment vibration on Sear simulators.

Sennebogen Area E6, D 075

Dominating the 296 m2 display will be the 180 tonne capacity 5500 Starlifter lattice crawler and 40 tonne capacity 630 HD telescopic crawler cranes. Also on show will be a Green Line model 830 R heavy duty material handler, typically used for scrap handling.

New and on show is the Compact Line series, starting with the 608 Multicrane, a multipurpose machine with telescopic boom and continuous slewing. It can be used with a hook and winch, with forks, with a personnel basket or as an excavator, Sennebogen says. The five section boom reduces front and rear overhang when stowed and is designed to cope with continuous use on heavy rubble. Compactness (4.86 m long, 2.55 m wide and 3 m high) and manoeuvrability are primary features.

Lifting capacity is 4 tonnes at the maximum lift height of 20 m on a 4.6 m outrigger spread and maximum load with forks at the longest radii of 18 m is 700 kg. Fitted with a winch the 608 can lift up to 8,000 kg.

Powering the 608 is a 90 kW Deutz diesel mounted on the right-hand side of the superstructure with easy access for service, Sennebogen says. The hydrostatic drive and power-shift transmission gives a top speed of more than 30 km/h. The hydraulic system uses an axial piston pump with electrical pilot control for fast operation and good sensitivity. To improve visibility for the operator a foot switch in the cab hydraulically elevates the cab to a maximum 4.1 m viewing height and tilts to a 17° angle.

Sistemas Forza Area E6, D 070

Spanish manufacturer of tower cranes and formwork.

Sisu Diesel Hall 5B, M 002

As with the other engine manufacturers, Tier 3/Stage IIIA is the driving force behind Sisu developments. Three new models meeting these requirements will be on show and form part of the company's Citius engine range. The new units are the 8.4 litre 84 CTA with a maximum power output of 309 kW and maximum torque of 1,500 Nm, the four cylinder 7.4 litre 74 CTA with a maximum power of 206 kW and torque of 1,150 Nm, and the three cylinder, 4.9 litre 49 CWA, with a maximum power of 125 kW and torque of 700 Nm. All three have electronic control, common rail injection and charge air cooling to achieve compliance, and are quieter than their Tier 2 equivalents.

SmartEquip Hall 5A, K 052

Fleet management software.

SMIE Area E6, A 009

New from this French crane safety systems manufacturer are three anti-collision systems, a multi-function display with memory and zoning functions. The AC 243 is a new (third) generation anti-collision and work area zoning system for tower cranes. Improvements over its AC 30 predecessor include more flexibility and improved capabilities, for example, better braking and higher operator productivity. Having more relays is a contributor but primarily it is better software. Tolerance to voltage and environmental variables has been raised, for example, the minimum working temperature is now down to -25 OC. The visual display is better and more information, for example error codes, can be presented.

For EOT and gantry cranes is the AC 140, a one-dimensional system being launched in March to prevent collisions between two overhead travelling cranes on the same track. An advantage of the system, SMIE says, is that unlike competing systems a 10 m margin is not needed so the two cranes can move close to each other.

Also new is the DLZ 341 multi-function display, data recorder and zoning unit. This operator-programmable unit has a “black box” recording function (data is stored on an SD type flash memory card) and can be used for zoning.

In development is the AC 340, a new system “for dynamic three dimensional anti-collision management”. In addition to fixed obstacles it is designed to prevent collisions with variable geometry equipment, for example, a knuckle boom crane working on site below a tower crane.

Sodineg Area E6, D 021

This French used equipment dealer will show some of its inventory of construction machinery and HGVs. The company claims to have sold 850 construction machines into 40 countries in Europe and Africa last year. It says it typically has 1,000 machines in stock and buyers can view them via a web cam. New and used components and spare parts are sold through its sodipiece.com operations.

SPRL Grues Thomas Area E5, F 050

Automated factory cranes and material handling systems.

SSAB Swedish Steel Hall 5A, J 071

Steel producer, including high strength structural grades for high stress areas.

Stabline-Fahrner Hall 5A, L 101

On show will be a full range of polymer composite outrigger pads, which, the manufacturer claims, are both unbreakable and the same price as traditional wooden pads. The water resistant pads are available with weight resistance values of up to 90 tonnes. A range of thicknesses is available and sizes are up to 2 x 6 m.

Terex Cranes Area E5, J 040

On its 3,600 m2 stand Terex promises visitors a wide range of products, including tower cranes, wheeled telescopic all terrain and rough terrain mobiles. Making its debut from Terex PPM in France will be the 55 tonne capacity three axle AC 55-1 (See IC January 2006 News, page 9). On this upgrade of the AC 55, a model introduced in 2003, the new boom telescoping system means a lower axle load and better lifting capacity. With the main boom extended to 40 m and set at a 10 m radius, Terex says the increase in lifting capacity is more than 20%. Of the Terex-Demag mobile cranes on show from Germany, the AC 70 City will represent the City class of compact models, a type the company says it has sold more than 1,000 units of worldwide.

Tower cranes from Terex Comedil in Italy on show will be the 5 tonne capacity, 120 tonne-metre CTT 121-5 city class flat top tower and the 18.7 tonne-metre, 1.6 tonne capacity self erecting CBR 24-H. Also from Terex in Italy will be a 44 tonne capacity Terex Bendini RC 45 rough-terrain.

New in the Terex Atlas series of hydraulic loader cranes is the 36.2, a compact model with a hook, particularly suitable for 3.5 tonne trucks and designed to be simple, the manufacturer says. A new linkage system contributes to the transport position width of 1.75 m. Also new is the 4 tonne-metre 42.2, designed for easy and simple mounting. The 170.2 has improved and optimised stabilisers for greater stability.

Other Terex Atlas cranes on show include the 9 tonne-metre model 92.2 targeted at the building-materials industry and the model 125.2. Optimised for 7.5 tonne trucks is the 75.2, which can be used for grab applications. Visitors will also be able to see the 165.2 E, fitted with eLMplus wiring, two linkage systems and radio control as standard.

Tes Car Area E9, C 051

Hydraulic crawler cranes are offered in addition to a range of self propelled hydraulic drill rigs for groundwork.

ThyssenKrupp Stahl Hall 5A, G 080

Producer of specialist steels, including high strength structural grades for high stress areas.

TT Control Hall 5A, G 070

This subsidiary of TT Tech specialises in electronic control systems for mobile machinery. The programmable systems can be used for low-cost networks or more complicated safety-critical applications. On offer are interfaces for CAN with CANopen and interfaces for time-triggered communication. New functions can be added by making changes to the software.

UCoMESA/Comamoter TBA

The Italian trade associations will represent a range of its domestic equipment manufacturers. Information on the forthcoming SAIE and Samoter exhibitions will also be available.

Unic Cranes Europe Area E6, C 080

Distributor of the Furukawa Unic range of mini crawler cranes.

VDMA Hall 6, B 019

German association of manufacturers of construction equipment.

Walvoil Hall 5A, H 011

Hydraulic control systems.

White Hydraulics Hall 5A, G 038

Hydraulic pumps, motors and brakes.

Yale Levage Hall 5A, J 080

Chain hoists and other industrial lifting equipment.

ZF Hall 5, K 021

In addition to the latest transmissions, including the TC Tronic, AS Tronic and Ergopower, visitors will be able to see the new Multitrac series of wheel loader axles. The modular MT-L 3065 and 3075 II axles are for wheel loaders to an empty weight of 12.2 and 14.1 tonnes, respectively. Ecomix mixer drives and other driveline and power transmission products will also be on show.

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