Extra torque when needed

20 March 2008

Road Vehicles, Such As Concrete Mixers And Other delivery vehicles, sometimes need additional torque at low speed on to overcome inclines or poor ground conditions on sites. French company Poclain has a new product, called AddiDrive Assit, to help main drive trains ensure vehicle mobility.

Central to the product, already installed as a factory-option in about 5000 units from MAN over the last year, said Poclain, are high-torque, cam lobe hydraulic motors installed in wheels not driven mechanically. These motors, when activated by the operator, temporarily transform a 2WD vehicle, for example, into a 4WD. (Pictured: the MFE08 motor on a half axle.) Other components of the system are a pump and hydraulic valve.

The company says that the product, compared to all-wheel drive trucks, saves about 400 kg in vehicle weight, as well as giving a lower centre of gravity and shorter turning radius. The motors free-wheel when not in use, and system installation does not require the cab modification often necessary to obtain all-wheel drive capability while meeting vehicle height restrictions. Benefits are increased effectiveness of fitted vehicles on site and reduced fuel consumption.

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