Extreme terrain outrigger pads complete test

01 February 2010

FibreRigg completes test on simulated soft soil

FibreRigg completes test on simulated soft soil

Composite Advantage, in California, USA, has completed performance testing on FiberRigg, a high-performance fibreglass composite crane outrigger pad designed for extreme conditions.

Foam was used to simulate a soft soil with low psi foundation. FiberRigg was loaded in the centre of the foam with a concentrated 10 x 10 inch (250 x 250 mm) footprint. The pad continued to spread the load evenly even when the load reached 45,000 pounds (20 tonnes) and began to push the pad through the foam, said FibreRigg.

The second test evaluated FiberRigg's performance over an open hole. The pad handled load weight up to 60,000 pounds (27 tonnes) with deflection of less than 2 inches (50 mm). When FiberRigg is loaded on a hard surface like concrete or asphalt, the pad will not crush or compress under loads up to 500,000 pounds (227 tonnes), said the company.

The fibre composite crane outrigger pad outlasts wood pads and is more cost effective than UHMW plastic pads, according to Composite Advantage. Continuous strand glass fibres provide maximum strength and stiffness for enhanced safety while its polymer makeup resists chemicals and water degradation. They are designed to be stronger but lighter for easy transportation and use and they have a non-slip wear surface.

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