Falcon relaunch from TCA

19 April 2016

TCA Lift's updated Falcon Spider FS320C, sold to Ringsted Lift, near Copenhagen.

TCA Lift's updated Falcon Spider FS320C, sold to Ringsted Lift, near Copenhagen.

TCA Lift has sold an upgraded machine to Danish rental company Ringsted Lift, near Copenhagen.

The new edition, a Falcon Spider FS320C, has 32m working height on a new crawler chassis. It represents the relaunch of the model with features requested by customers after it was deleted from the range some years ago.

The chassis, among other features, has height adjustable crawlers with additional ground clearance when driving in terrain, and while driving on slopes the machine stays vertical. It is also now able to drive through an opening of less than 2m height.

A new remote control system and enhanced electric engine with double battery package, are also new features as is the Falcon Service Tool for fast online service in case of mechanical issues and records data from the machine while it is on rental – it too is now standard on all Falcons.

The Falcon Spider FS320C has been designed to be service-friendly with easy removable side covers for fast and time saving inspection and service.

The manufacturer has also introduced a new basket with double entry and fixing points for effective material lifting. “The new basket will be offered on all Falcon models”, said Brian Falck Schmidt, sales manager. “These modifications seem small to us as a manufacturer but for operators they are major improvements and lead to more safety and user friendliness.”

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